To those who think this is a scam
I have been around a long time and have done more to expose the TRUTH and advance the investigation than any other poster.   Do the research and see for yourself.

I have paid for Internet space and put hours of work putting together a timeline and hosting forums where the truth was revealed - websites used by the curious and the investigators.  Unlike Tricia Griffith of ForumsforJustice and weBsleuths, I didn't pay myself a salary.  Most of those pages are offline now due to financial issues (I am not rich) but they are referred to enough you can verify this is true.

I have traveled to meet Ramsey supporters and BORG (like Darnay Hoffman and Frank Coffman) because I wanted to see what everyone had.  I have made true friends on all sides of this discussion and have done all I could to make ALL truths known.  Also verified in forums.  (When BORG was accusing me of being the Patricia pretender, I was with Darnay in NYC with no access to a computer.  He spoke of our friendship on the BORG forums.)

When I saw a false witness going into the Grand Jury, I stepped up and exposed him as a fraud - - that is in the Schiller, Thomas and Ramsey books.  Also at and on 48 Hours program documentary.

More recently, I worked on a couple documentaries last Fall, started a small reward fund using MY OWN money on
Septembere 1st and later set up the GoFundMe page.

On the GoFundMe page, the BORG attacked quick and hard, calling it a fraud, but they were and are wrong.  John and Jan support the effort - John made a donation and Jan posted on her facebook page that they were in support of my efforts.  The money is still in the bank and I have just publicly let the BPD know I would like to help pay for the new DNA testing that could reveal personal attributes of the man who left his DNA mixed with the blood in JonBenet's panties. 

That is GOOD evidence that has been used repeatedly to clear people.

To those who say such evidence does not exist, please note John Mark Karr, Fleet White, Chris Wolf and others have been PUBLICLY declared cleared because they didn't leave that profile behind.

If I am stealing the money, why am I offering to make out a check for $1,800 to a lab?  Do you really think I would try to involve the chief of police in that if I was stealing the money?

I find it kind of ironic that I have a history here - easy to check on - - but so many would rather believe a BORG poster on facebook, someone they do NOT know themselves, and judge me to be the one they should mistrust.

That is the way of the Internet.  Just have to move by that garbage.   The GoFundMe page may or may not grow, but it has already helped advance this investigation.

And I am still here.
People are too worried about what you are doing. Tricia had made a living of web sleuths.. Hell she is supposed to be a "paid speaker at crime con. How much money is she making off that??

People need to mind their own business. They shouldn't point fingers unless their hands are clean.
Slowly the honest ones who have followed the evidence and fought to share it have passed on or disappeared. Sherry, Lou, Ollie.....

The voice of truth is disappearing.

The BORG grows. So much of the truth is being lost or locked away while the lies keep coming, growing quickly online. The forum wars are the attraction, not the search for truth. It's sad but true.

RIP JonnieB

People choose what part they want to play in this saga.
Don't worry about them. We are still here and no matter what they will not silence you/us!!! This is why this forum is the jackpot and so important. Lou, ollie and sherry would be so proud of you for not giving up. Never ever get discouraged.

This is an actual bill for some testing that was done at the lab. I am unwilling to say whose DNA was tested or who paid for this testing - - it was NOT ME! I am just showing posters how much these tests cost.

A poster said she thought looking for 50,000 was unnecessary - - but if you consider that if only 50% were to go to testing and the other 50% to a reward, that is only 25 tests. There are easily that many on the combined suspect lists out there. Remember, we are not just talking about testing the best suspects on the list right now. The testing also includes people who want to submit familial DNA because they think they are related to the killer THEN tests on the suspect if the first results come back as a "quite possible". If a ring is suspects, that may mean 3 or more suspects being tested.

Right now the costs must be absorbed by the PIs and/or/families. I have some money to help now, but what is there now won't pay for much.

Just wanted to document the costs for a test.

This is from the report on the good DNA - the date on the report is 1/7/2004.

This is being posted to prove I have not made up the information I have shared on this subject.

This is evidence of the FACT that the Boulder authorities Do take into account budgetary issues.    Also shows that the profile I have been speaking of HAS been put into CODIS.

To those newbies who doubt I have any real information, you are just wrong.  Had you read the books and followed the news and all the twist and turns of the case, you would know I have been involved in this for a long time as a peripheral character - - as have a handful of other posters.  

Some of us have documents we can share, some we can't and many we won't.    But the truth is in them somewhere and this can be solved.

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