Making the garrote
There are certain items used in this murder which could not be linked to the Ramseys, no evidence they bought those items and no matching items in the house.  Two of those items are the black duct tape that was found on her face and the cord that was found on her neck and wrists.

To repeat, the cord used in the garrote matched nothing found in the house and the tape didn't either.  For more information, look at the thread on the garotte and cord.

This thread will just deal with the paintbrush that was used to make the handle for that garrote.
The cord was carried in by the killer.  Why he didn't bring in a handle, I  honestly don't know but I suspect he planned to strangle his victim with the cord and the idea of a handle came later.

In one of the David Mills' documentaries, Lou Smit spoke of that garrote and the paintbrush.

SMIT - There's very strong evidence that JonBenet was killed in this part of the basement and one of the reasons for that is that there was a paint tray right there, and in this paint tray was a paintbrush that was used to make the garrotte.

[Image: cstote.jpg][Image: cstote2.jpg]

The bristle portion was still in the tray. Right next to the paint tray is a very small sliver of wood that came off of that broken brush. 
The garrotte was made of the middle portion of that paintbrush, the handle.
On December 3, 2007, BODE labs received the following three items for possible processing:

The neck ligature. BPD lists this as #022TET. The CBI lists it as #008. BODE lists it as 2S07-101-01.

The broken paintbrush handle. Still attached to the neck ligature.

The cord from the wrist. BPD#018TET CBI #166 BODE 2S07-101-03

With no explanation, the report on these tests simply says these items "were not processed at this time".
From Steve Thomas' deposition in Chris Wolf v Ramsey lawsuit

Q. (BY MR. WOOD) There was some paint --
MR. DIAMOND: There's one hour left.
MR. WOOD: I do hope you'll give me some consideration on a little extension if we can finish up and I
don't have to take it up with the court.
Q. (BY MR. WOOD) The garrote was made out of a paint brush that was believed to be a paint
brush in a paint tray down in the basement, right?
A. That's my understanding.
Q. And there was the tip end with the brush found in the paint tray, right?
A. No, it's my understanding the brush end --
Q. The brush end was found, the tip end was broken off and never found, right?
A. Yeah, it's my understanding that the handled shaft was fashioned into the garrote handle. And
Lou Smit told me that there was a missing piece that has been unaccounted for.
Q. Did you ever find any evidence to dispute what Mr. Smit told you in that regard?
A. No.

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