For Cindy Garcia and others on Facebook
Cindy Garcia Warm cosy bed by loving parents? Same parents who left her under Christmas tree to 'move on' with their life? Same loving parents who obstructed investigation & hide behind lawyers & PR company? Same loving parents who refused to take a polygrapgh? Please don't insult me with the one they 'passed.' If this was a working class family they would have been banged up that same night.

The Ramseys were told by the police that they had to leave the house so it might be protected as a crime scene.  It seems unfair to criticize them for leaving the house and continuing to eat, breath, live.

The Ramseys did not obstruct the investigation.  They offered to pay for DNA tests, hired PI's and had them share their findings with LE  (I have a report on one of those meetings and they put together a list of things to follow up on - - - no idea if LE ever did, though.)  They paid for ads that noted other attempted abductions and begged people to call in anything they knew. They offered a reward.  They were available for interviews, agreed to take polygraphs - - the BPD stalled - we know that now.

Yes, they got lawyers so they wouldn't be lynched by liars.  Not illegal and a very wise thing to do.  The PR company was done by the lawyers to free up their secretaries - - the Ramseys had nothing to do with that - other than to pay for it.

You need to go back to the beginning and read a few books, put yourself in new shoes for a day and see what happens.
check out my note to Colin - this post by Cindy is another case where it seems clear she was mad because she fears SHE would have been in jail whether she did it or not.
Cindy seemed to be another identity used by the borg.
The Ramseys are guilty of being home when their daughter was killed. Jessica Lunsford and Polly Klaas, Danielle Van Dam and others were also taken from the place they should have been most safe - - but when the parents have money and a business and have beaten cancer - - well, they just had too much and most of the followers, envious and angry at their own problems, weree vicious.

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