Mayor leslie Durgin
Remember the mayor assuring the Boulder population that there was no madman threatening anyone in Boulder, no killer on the streets?   Here is a second example of when she really should have remained quiet.

DA source of new info in Ramsey ad
Hunter admits provideing description
Camera Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 13, 1997
Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter acknowledged Monday his office played a role in the placement of the controversial phrase "an adult male approaching young children in Boulder in late 1996" in a Sunday advertisement seeking information on the slaying of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey.
The district attorney's request appears to indicate his investigators may be looking for a suspect that is neither of JonBenet's parents, John and Patsy Ramsey. It also clears the family, which paid for the ad through a foundation, of criticism from some Boulder officials that the ad was a public relations ploy.
"As I have said all along, it is my intention to approach this case with an open mind, which means all leads are being carefully pursued, as they must be in any investigation," Hunter wrote in a letter to the editor appearing on page 8A in today's Daily Camera.
Hunter could not be reached for further comment Monday.
JonBenet was found strangled and bludgeoned in the basement of her family's University Hill home on Dec. 26. No arrests have been made and investigators have yet to formally name any suspects.
The latest controversy in the 4-month-old murder investigation peaked late last week, when the Camera reported that the Ramsey family had placed an advertisement for Sunday asking for information about the "adult male."
Public reaction to that revelation and the actual advertisement was swift and skeptical: Many observers, including Mayor Leslie Durgin, called the ad a cynical public relations stunt.
Bryan Morgan, attorney for John Ramsey, said he was "deeply grateful" for Hunter's public acknowledgment that the ad was "placed by the Ramsey family based on information developed in my (Hunter's) office."
Hunter and his deputies "are doing their jobs with a high degree of professionalism. There is strongly objective law enforcement work going on over there," Morgan said.
The language about a man approaching children was developed in consultation between the district attorney's office and Morgan, he said.
"DA's representatives were aware that information about the "adult male' would be included in the ad," Morgan
Morgan criticized those who spoke out against the advertisement without knowing the full background of the situation.
"It's a measure of how deep and angry the bias is out there," he said. "That kind of judgment is extremely dangerous to justice and finding the people who are really responsible for this."
Durgin, who called the ad a "public relations strategy," did not return telephone calls Monday.
In other developments Monday:
A Tucson, Ariz., woman who claims to have had an extramarital affair with John Ramsey appeared on a local morning talk show. Kim Ballard alleged Ramsey responded to her personal ad in USA Today. The couple had a total of three liaisons between November 1994 and April 1995, she claimed.
Boulder County Coroner Dr. John Meyer requested that the sealed sections of JonBenet's autopsy report remain closed "until such time as either criminal charges are filed or the investigation has been closed," a court petition said.
On Feb. 14, Boulder District Judge Carol Glowinsky entered an order restricting disclosure of certain portions of the autopsy report for ninety days or until an arrest.
On Monday, the court said the sealed portions would remain closed until the court ruled on the extension request.
Staff writer Alli Krupski contributed to this report.
Man: The day after the funeral the Ramseys appeared on CNN. The introduction reflected the growing suspicion.

CNN video: Body found stashed in the basement of her own home. The parents of little JonBenet Ramsey are in Atlanta and on the advise of friends they have retained defense lawyers. Earlier today the Ramseys broke their silence and shared their grief with CNN's Brian Cabell in this exclusive interview.
Cabell - Do you believe that someone outside your home...
Patsy: There is a killer on the loose.
John: Absolutely
Patsy: I don't know who it is, I don't know if it is a he or a she, but if I were a resident of Boulder, I would tell my friends to keep, keep hold your babies close to you. There's someone out there.

Man: For the Ramseys, the broadcast was a disaster. It was taken as further evidence that they were playacting - talking to television rather than the police. Boulder's mayor, Leslie Durgan rejected Patsy's claim.

Mayor Leslie Durgan: People in Boulder had no need to fear that there is someone wandering the streets of Boulder, as has been portrayed by some people, looking for young children to attack. Boulder is safe, it's always been a safe community. It continues to be a safe community.

Patsy: Now, I don't know why she said that -- To this day I don't know why she said that but, boy, do I think that's what touched it off and it seemed like after that all the dominos started falling.

John: Plus it was so bizarre because we knew there was a killer out there and how could she say there wasn't? It made no sense.

Mayor: It was done in large part to allay the fears of the children in our community and to let people know that the information that I had at time was that we did not have some crazed person wandering the streets of University Hill.

Tracey: And who did you clear it with?
Mayor: The police chief.

From JonBenet's America
Mayor: I now have learned an important lesson and that is, I don't believe what I read in the press - listen to on talk radio anymore. But at that point, I did - I was pretty naïve. I thought, boy, if it's in the press, it's probably true.

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