I spoke to him
Can't remember just what year it was - a few years after the murder.  At that time he was not taking any clear position but my feeling was he felt the intruder evidence was compelling.  He helped me receive some evidence and told me how to properly store it until it was accepted for DNA analysis.  he also taught me more about chain of custody and from that I made a plan - and it worked.  I accepted the evidence - had the tipster send it to me in a sealed envelope and I never opened that envelope.  I thne put that envelope in a LARGER envelope and sealed THAT.  I immediately sent it to the office of someone working in the law enforcement field and - - - it may as well have been placed immediately into the BPD evidence locker.  It was safe and the chaim of custody could not be questioned.  Eventually it did go to the lab for testing and the suspect was cleared.

I am pleased that I have been able to do similar things several times.  All those suspects may have been cleared but it helped to get them removed from suspect lists.

Anyway, having said all that, I watched Dr. Henry Lee on the CBS show and wondered if the man I spoke to had been assimilated by BORG or just found his interview cut and pasted together so even he was sick.  (I remember Larry Schiller telling me he didn't give interviews unless they were live because of that cut and twist danger.)

ANYWAY, I found this quote in a two-year anniversary news story and thought I'd share it here.

Henry Lee, famed for his work on behalf of O.J. Simpson's defense team, said a successful investigation is based on four crucial elements — a good crime scene, strong physical evidence, witnesses and "a little bit of luck."
"Unfortunately, we lack all four of those elements," Lee said. "But we always keep a sort of hope. We never give up."

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