John San Agustin
        Recognize this guy from the show "JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery" ? He's an investigator hired by the Ramseys apparently. Well, now he's going on trial. They have had terrible luck with their "investigators". So many have been discredited...
Please remember he is innocent until proven guilty.

This was all news a year ago and it seems to me there were questions galore about what had happened.

So let's see what the new story has to say.

"Maketa, 51, and former Undersheriff Paula Presley, 52, each face nine counts - six of them felonies -- including extortion, witness tampering and false imprisonment. Former sheriff's Cmdr. Juan "John" San Agustin, 47, is charged with two felonies.

Among the allegations leveled at the three were that they conspired to force a domestic violence victim to recant her story to protect a deputy she accused of punching her - then jailed her for making what they described as false statements.

In another alleged scheme, Maketa threatened to pull a $5.2 million contract with the jail's health care provider unless the company fired an employee who refused to run Presley's aborted campaign for sheriff in 2013.

The grand jury also found that deputies were subjected to internal investigations in 2013 concerning a missing internal affairs file on a former deputy and then-sheriff's candidate Bill Elder that the undersheriff eventually admitted having in her possession."

My comment - These are allegations. There's a reason for trials - accusations are easy to make - - I want to see what the evidence is before I decide how I feel about any of that.

I don't know that i ever read details of what JOHN was supposed to have done. Will try to find that.

I do know he has been considered discredited by a few. (All BORG, but just a few who don't carry that agenda)
Most I spoke to said they didn't feel he was discredited at all but his reputation took a hit being involved at all.
So, sadly, they weren't willing to speak out in his defense - - and I can't blame them because we don't know yet what the evidence is!

In Ramsey, there was never any hint of a problem. That I can tell you.

And this other stuff, sounds to me more like his boss and Presley were the ones causing problems. But i will wait to see what the court documents show before picking any side here.
Attorney says former El Paso County commander innocent of kidnapping charges.

By Kirk Mitchell | | The Denver Post
PUBLISHED: June 1, 2016 at 3:01 pm | UPDATED: June 22, 2016 at 2:05 pm

An attorney for former El Paso County Sheriff’s Cmdr. Juan San Agustin says her client is innocent of a kidnapping allegation and predicted he would be cleared of all wrongdoing.

“This is an indictment that will go nowhere,” said Iris Eytan, a Denver attorney who is representing San Agustin. “We are going to fight for dismissal early on, using the law as our sword.”

San Agustin, who resigned in 2014, was indicted along with former El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa and former Undersheriff Paula Presley on kidnapping charges.

Maketa is accused of encouraging a domestic-violence victim to recant her story. The woman was a civilian employee working for a health contractor at the El Paso County jail. Her boyfriend, a deputy, had been arrested and later fired for beating her. Maketa allegedly told the woman to recant her statement and “tell investigators that she instigated the incident in order to allow (the deputy) to get his job back,” the indictment said. He later ordered her arrest.

San Agustin is charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment for his alleged involvement in ordering the woman’s arrest. The indictment said he sidestepped the department’s normal chain of command while investigating the case.

At least three other sheriff’s office employees who were involved in the arrest were not charged with a crime.

Eytan said she could not comment on specific facts of the case other than to say her client is not guilty of any crime.

“It’s unfortunate this indictment could possibly affect the career of one of the most respected investigators in the country,” Eytan said.

San Agustin has been tapped to work on such national high-profile cases as the Laci Peterson murder. Scott Peterson was convicted of killing his pregnant wife in Modesto, Calif., in 2002. John Ramsey hired San Agustin to investigate his daughter’s killing on Dec. 26, 1996 in Boulder. San Agustin was also involved in clearing a law-enforcement officer of injuring a victim during the 1999 Columbine school shootings.

San Agustin, who led the investigation into the murder of former Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements, now works as a private investigator in Colorado Springs.

The indictment accuses Maketa and Presley of other charges, including threatening the health company with ending its jail contract if it did not fire an employee who refused to run Presley’s planned campaign to be sheriff.

READ THIS - - the details are here.
Still, a tarnished and sad ending to a personal career.
He's toast. You can never work in law enforcement again after being charged with a felony.
That's the unfortunate (unspoken) truth about "charges".
Even if they don't stick, you still have a record of being charged, it's still in the headlines, and it's a professional noose you will always carry.

I feel bad for him, personally, but that's game over for his career.
Part of the reason I don't open the forum to all posters is that I really don't like it when someone doesn't do all their homework and, Johnny, you have disappointed me here.

Like the Ramseys and Chris Wolf and Mike Helgoth - - John is innocent untikl PROVEN guilty. Yes, the indictment by the Grand Jury made news and certainly can be discussed - - but let's be fair - - a grand jury in America really CAN indict a ham sandwich because only the prosecution gets to speak and they do NOT have to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

You would state that John has been discredited - and I disagree. I see evidence that he was caught up in a story and indicted by a grand jury - - - but there is a LOT more to the story.

You should have done all this research, not left it to me. And I hope once you read the rest of the story you carry it to any and all forums where you freely stated that John HAS been discounted, discredited, that his opinions in investigations he worked on are useless.

I posted the link to the indictments- studied them and I see a HUGE problem with HIM being indicted - I agree with his lawyer he will not be CONVICTED if this should go to court. And I am going to make sure the same sort of lynch mob that went after the Ramseys have no foothold here.

Here is another story on the situation.

Court documents allege prosecution was “motivated” to falsely implicate John San Agustin Sept. 12, 2016

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — FOX21 News has exclusively obtained a motion filed on behalf of Commander Juan “John” San Agustin that demands the conversation between the prosecution and the Grand Jury be released on claims the prosecution did not give the Grand Jury the full story.
It also alleges the prosecution was motivated to falsely implicate San Agustin to hurt his credibility.
>> Read the motion.
The motion, filed Thursday, includes additional evidence and says the Grand Jury was not fully informed before making the decision to charge San Agustin, former Sheriff Terry Maketa and former undersheriff Paula Presley with kidnapping and false imprisonment.
The documents include a timeline of the events of the day in question through key card scans that a source previously informed FOX21 News about.
The timeline shows San Agustin left the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office at 9:32 a.m. on September 12, 2013 and the arrest of Kelli Trull, who San Agustin is accused of kidnapping, didn’t happen until 9:58 a.m. – 26 minutes after San Agustin left the building.
According to court documents, the indictment against San Agustin alleges he followed orders from Maketa and Presley and ordered the arrest of Trull, without probably cause.
Trull was the girlfriend of a former Sheriff’s Deputy, and accused him of assaulting her but later said she lied about it.
The new motion says the prosecution never presented any evidence to the Grand Jury that San Agustin ordered the arrest and key car records show he wasn’t even there when it happened, and neither was Maketa or Presley.
Documents also state that Chief Deputy District Attorney Shannon Gerhart was the one that ordered Detective Lisa Kaiser to arrest Trull, not San Agustin.
The motion alleges the prosecution deliberately withheld this evidence and it’s San Agustin who has been falsely accused, wrongly indicted and publicly humiliated.
But perhaps the most shocking – the motion alleges the prosecution was motivated to falsely implicate San Agustin in order to hurt his credibility.
According to documents, San Agustin supervised the investigation into the assassination of Tom Clements, the Executive Director of Colorado Department of Corrections and San Agustin believed Clements’ murder was a conspiracy by the 211 Crew, a white supremacist gang, and not the result of one man acting alone.
But according to the documents, District Attorney Dan May refused to pursue charges of other individuals linked to the assassination “without reason.”
Frustrated that the truth was being withheld, documents say San Agustin voluntarily left the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in October of 2014.
The motion goes on to say May, along with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), then worked to push out Maketa and Presley, who supported and believed San Agustin’s theory.
Recently current El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder has called to close the investigation into Clements’ murder, and as of now, only Evan Ebel has been charged in his death.
The District Attorney overseeing this case in Arapahoe County has two weeks to respond to this motion.
(04-11-2017, 03:50 AM)Johnny Kerns Wrote: They have had terrible luck with their "investigators". So many have been discredited...

Really?  By who?

I am trying to think of who you are talking about.

Lou Smit?  He wasn't a Ramsey investigator but a very well respected homicide investigator hired by the DA's office.  The limited information he was given to start said the best suspects were the parents - like no prints in the snow.  But Lou's Power Point presentation made it clear there was a LOT of intruder evidence.
So the BORG, unable to dispute the evidence, says Lou was discredited because he got too close to the "suspects" - - he actually PRAYED with them!    Sorry, but that was Lou's style - don't ignore the suspects, engage them.  And nail them if the evidence supports their guilt.
BORG says he was discredited - - that is a BORG lie.  He was NEVER discredited.

Neither was - -  well, who else do the BORG say was?    Certainly not any of the investigators I have sat with, most of them don't have their names out there and I won't share - - but none have been discredited.

A few cops - and yes, the names are public - were removed from the case for not going along with the BORG agenda - -  but that doesn't discredit them. 

Oh yeah - - - the BORG says John Douglas is discredited because he spoke out and said he did not think the parents did this - - that after being given limited info on the crime and a personal interview with the family.  Since he didn't agree with the BORG position, THE BORG SAYS he is discredited.  I assure you, the people who matter don't agree.

Ironically, the BORG holds the likes of Kolar up as some leader who has solved this when he did not meet the parents or get the facts straight in his theory or book.  (Evidence of that is the letter he received from DA Mary Lacy that stated as a FACT his book is largely fantasy.)  But BORG likes anything anti-Ramsey so we have Werner Spitz and liar Steve Thomas and Kolar and Clemente held as heors.

And you who really does have a limited knowledge of the case and people involved - - YOU  write, "They have had terrible luck with their "investigators". So many have been discredited..."

Please, if you can defend this, do so here.  (I honestly wonder what your motivation is here - - you clearly jumped on this story without doing the homework - - and as much as I don't like "jumping"posters, when I know this is posted here, there and other places - - - I won't be silent.)

I don't see the end of the story yet but have emailed someone who may be able to share that with me. (Or maybe someone else can find the final ruling.)
Please not another smear campaign. At this moment it's all alleged. Well stated Jameson!
IMPORTANT from last link

Throughout the interview, Ms. Trull admitted to driving drunk and physically assaulting former Deputy Garretson, forcing him to defend himself against her. (Disco. Audio 26-3).
At 9:49 a.m., Detective Kaiser stepped out of the interview and met with EPCSO command staff and Chief DDA Gerhart to determine whether there was probable cause to arrest Ms. Trull (hereinafter “Trull Arrest Conference”). During the Trull Arrest Conference, Chief DDA Gerhart suggested that there was probable cause to arrest Ms. Trull for Harassment and Driving Under the Influence, the very charges Ms. Trull ultimately ended up being charged with. (Disco. 697). Notably, the person alleged by the prosecution to have given the order to arrest Ms. Trull during the Trull Arrest Conference, EPCSO Inspector San Agustin, was not present at the Trull Arrest Conference. (See Exhibit 1, Disco. Report 91-4). Mr. San Agustin was not even in the building. (Id.) However, in addition to Chief DDA Gerhart, at least five members of the EPCSO were present at the Trull Arrest Conference, two of whom were Mr. San Agustin’s superiors:
1. Chief Deputy District Attorney Gerhart (Disco. Report 73-2)
2. Bureau Chief Al Harmon (Exhibit 1, )
3. Commander Mitch Lincoln (Disco. 18415; Exhibit 1)
4. Sergeant Scott Deno (Disco. Supp 21-1)
5. Lieutenant Robert Jaworski (Exhibit 1; 16)
6. Detective Lisa Kaiser (Exhibit 1; Disco. Audio 26-3).

My comment - I have been wrongly accused of all KINDS of things - - by anonymous BORG and known media BORG liars. The thing is, I can't control what they do, only what I do - - and I really do want to be able to depend on people having the common sense to pay attention to what is being said - - by who - - and DO THE HOMEWORK TO LEARN THE TRUTH!

John San Agustin, as far as I can see, is innocent of these charges.

I am sorry a poster felt they needed to attempt to discredit him here and hope my posts show the poster was just WRONG.

John, if you are reading here, I am leaving this thread up because I feel it is best to respond to the attack than to ignore it. But I'm done now.)

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