For Pam and Evelyn
No, I am not interested in entering a private chat with either of you as BORG tends to edit then share.  So I will answer here.

A healthy person maintains control over themselves and doesn't feel a great need to force themselves on others, to be in control of others.    A psychopath can't be happy with controlling hirself - - hir has to control others.  In some circumstances, simple control is not enough, they have to HURT the other person. Sadistic psychopaths can hurt others financially, emotionally, physically... it brings them joy to know they caused that pain.

Are ALL of them totally unhappy all the time?  No, but even a period of time in their lives could have set up a habit that just feels good to them.

(Pam, I don't know if they like pain during sex but suspect your good friend Laurence might help you with that one.)

Since my energy in this case is spent educating people to the truth, encouraging those entrusted to solving this to do better, trying to raise funds to help advance the DNA investigation - - - - - and I am NOT trying to hurt ANYONE while I do that - - I don't think I am at all the same as those who have total disregard for the facts and just go about trying to hurt the efforts of others to see this solved.

Am I calling YOU a psychopath?  Nope.  I have my questions but honestly don't care enough about either of you, or the others, to take my focus off the case - - that trumps all beyond my family.

Going to be hard to copy and paste this and change it.  But feel free to copy and pasts as it is.  I have no problem with that.  Hope I answered your question.  No private chats.
OK - - the question is - "Who ever heard of a rape kit? Did you make that up?"

The answer is no. I went looking for information on the kind of bag I thought our intruder may have carried in and I found this in Bob Whitson's book.

"Dietz, Hazelwood and Warren did a study of 30 sexually sadistic criminals back in 1990. It is interesting to note that in the study they found 93% planned the crimes - - they were not spontaneous acts, just the circumstances presented itself. Here's a quote:
"Planning included a kit containing binding materials, torture implements, weapons, cameras, and/or burial equipment. Planning also included some form of surveillance or stalking of victims."

So no, not only did I not make up the idea of a KIT - - it is fairly common, almost a necessity, of a sexually sadistic psychopath.
LOL! Omg! I dont get why they keep bothering you.

Pam and evenlyn, dont know who you are( dont really want to know) but dont waste your time. You are not gonna change her opinion. Hell, Ive PERSONALLY know jams for over 15 years, SHE HASNT CHANGED ONE BIT! PERIOD! We have ALWAYS seen the truth.

It seems like that group of BORG ARE psychopaths, narcissistic, sociopath.. etc etc... not groups I would want to associate with... You know, Ive met people who are BORG and are respectful.. These new BORG are on another level. What comes around goes around my dear Wink
Some of the BORG try to get me to email them so they can edit my messages - I would rather stick to a public forum.

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