This go fund me has caused a lot of  "controversy " and has multiple people reporting it daily ( get a life, period).
Sad this is causing controversy....

Take a minute and realize something.

Go fund me will ALWAYS investigate fraud claims with EVERY go fund me account that is reported as fraud.

Go fund me will NOT hesitate to remove a campaign if they found it to be fraud. 

The go fund me is still ACTIVE BECAUSE ITS NOT FRAUD!!!!!!!!! SIMPLE AS THAT!!!
 Time is precious... use your time to do something  PRODUCTIVE instead of WASTING YOUR TIME REPORTING THIS ACCOUNT!!!

We ALL know the case  was BOTCHED from the very beginning... critical evidence was contaminated..  

LE was able to get VERY important DNA evidence...

GSLD99178617...... That may be letters and numbers just to you..


Wouldnt you want JonBenet to receive Justice?? SHE DESERVES IT!!

People tend to forget this was a little girl who was BRUTALLY murdered. She was a beautiful girl who was FULL Of life. Her life was cut too short. We owe it to JonBenet. 

MILLIONS of people were captivated by this tragic murder.

This is YOUR time to help find justice.
BORG complained that I had said I was family when I registered the campaign. They were lying.
I had to pick a category for the campaign - my choices did not include crime mysteries, murders or rewards. The categories you can choose are: Special Olympics, Medical, Volunteer, Emergencies, Education, Memorials, Sports, Animals, Business, Charity, Communities, Creative, Competitions, Events, Faith, Family, Newlyweds, Other, Travel, and Wishes.

I chose family. In death, JonBenet became everyone's child. If someone disagrees with my choice - - they have a problem. Not me and not GoFundMe.

They said there is no way John Ramsey donated to the fund since everyone knows many years ago Lin Wood said they'd never talk to me again. Well, the fact is Lin had the problem with me, not the Ramseys and I consider myself to be friends with John and his family. If they feel otherwise, they never told me. The donation certainly was from John and I have no idea how the BORG thinks I could have faked that - - or WHY I would have.

They posted that a donor denies making the donation. Huh? The donation has to come from an account with that person's name on it. I wouldn't know how to fake that and can only say if the accusers are posting it can be done - - I'd be more worried about THEM taking on someone else's identity that me doing that. I don't post using multiple hats. Again - - they are reporting fraud to GoFundMe and the forums where there was none.
(I understand Kelcie actually said she did not start the campaign - - and that is true. I did. She just contributed. But the hateful ones see what they want to see, not what is written.)

The fact that the BORG has harassed some of the contributors (even at work) is disgusting - - but typical BORG.

The BORG are - indeed - like suppurating sores on the ass of a syphilitic whore. Ugly, nasty and spreading poison.
(Apologies to Star Trek characters who seem to be quite beautiful in comparison.)
Just because this made me laugh out loud.

I got two emails. Please DO take the time to read both and compare. THIS is the power of the BORG group think. Seriously, when I was teaching, I would have nailed these kids for cheating. But here, well, they either share a pillow or there's a sample complaint form available for those BORG being recruited to fight my efforts to get this investigation advanced.

Email #1 -
Your fraudulent gofundme scam is now under investigation
Samantha Hardwicke shardwicke2009@outlook.comhide details
Dear Ms. Bennett,

A group of people have already contacted (more to come)the gofundme entity to 
inform them that your delusional and diabolical scheme to solicit money for alleged 
DNA testing is a class A fraud, to wit: There is no DNA left for any testing purposes 
except for that which exists in your vacuous mind. Boulder D.A. Stanley Garrett will 
confirm that. 

Your positing the notion that a group of criminals were responsible for JonBenet's 
death would be laughable if not reflecting your insanity. I guess we would have to 
believe that in the cold of winter these big bad criminals came into the Ramsey 
house stark naked so as not to leave any clothing fibers anywhere. This other 
justification for soliciting funds while laughable does not meet the criteria for fraud. 

By the way Susie, how come multi-millionaire John Ramsey only kicked in $1000.00?
He of course knows the real truth, but felt obligated to pacify you by giving you 
$1000.00 with the hope you might go away. Guess, the CBS program that aired on 
September 18th and 19th 'The JonBenet Ramsey case' replete with a panel of high 
brainer's should have contacted you first, the Ramsey guru......LOL The panel of 
course shredded any insane notion of an intruder(s) having killed this child.  
Now give the people you have defrauded their money back,
Samantha H 

and #2 (sent two hours later)

Your fraudulent gofundme account is being investigated
Harrison Browner harrisonbrowner@outlook.comhide details
Dear Ms. Bennett,

Please be advised that a group of people have contacted (others following) the gofundme entity to declare that your solicitation for funds is a fraud, to wit:

(1). You state that the funds garnered from people are to be used to pay for DNA testing. This is of course absurd, as there is no DNA left that would be available for any
testing. This can be verified by Boulder D.A. Stanley Garrett. (2). Your other so-called justification for soliciting money from gullible people is to research the possibility that a criminal group could have killed JonBenet. We would have to assume that said criminal group gained entrance to the Ramsey house by being stark naked in the cold of winter to avoid leaving any clothing fibers. 

Your pathological obsession with the Ramsey case is well known as you continue your delusional quest to find the imaginary killers. By the way why did multi-millionaire John Ramsey only donate $1000.00? Was he just humoring you? He of course knows the real truth that his wife in 2003 told Boulder police and D.A. operatives that JonBenet had a fatal fall down the staircase, which law enforcement could not verify. 

Evidently, the CBS special 'The JonBenet Ramsey case' that aired September 18th and 18th in 2016 had not first consulted you the Ramsey guru before allowing the panel of high brainer's to state that no intruder(S) was involved in the killing of this child. 

Should you continue this fraudulent scheme to solicit funds. an Amicus curiae brief or class action suit could be filed on behalf of the duped donors. 

Please give the gullible people who you have gleaned money from their money back,
Harrison Browner 


Now, I would like to tell them 2 things.
1. The DA's name is NOT spelled Garrett
2. I am not collecting money to test DNA found at the crime scene. That was done already. The money I collect should go to pay for tests on SUSPECT's DNA.

These idiots really have lived in the sewer too long - they are close to brain dead. I am sure the CBS people cringe to think THESE posters make up their support group. Silent, their numbers may be impressive. But once they open their mouths... I am sure that "panel of high-brainer's" really wish they would not.

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