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who wanted to know why I thought something.  I am sharing a post I did NOT make that should say it all.  It is an old post from[Image: blank.gif]

  1. AnonymousJanuary 17, 2015 at 8:51 PM
  2. Websleuths used to be a wonderful place for people to try to help and figure out responsible parties for murders and where missing people could be. More recently, Trisha's success with the radio show and website has resulted in arrogance and mis-use of power. The moderators of the site used to have respect and common courtesy for their members while they enforced terms of service (TOS) for legal reasons. Now, moderators act like hall monitors, using the perceived power they have over the forums to be punitive, hostile and disrespectful of their users. Going online to WS is like asking for an adrenaline rush as users are accused of and punished for perceived violations of TOS by the mods. You will find emails in your personal email inbox from mods attacking, flaming and accusing you of doing something wrong, as if being a member makes you part of a cult where you relinquish your right to respect and common courtesy. They "yell" at users like angry camp counselors and think their power to put a user a "time out", like a child, gives them the right to be rude and disrespectful, accosting and punishing their members if they step out of line. Meanwhile, what is considered out of bounds for discussion is vague and unclear, setting up their members to enter forbidden territory, and using it as an opportunity to attack them. It's extra negativity that any healthy adult doesn't need added to their lives.

 that is for question 2
Umm wow!!!! You mean weBsleuths isnt a nice place to be??? Lol Shocker!!!!

She makes 3 grand from the website??? Wow...
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I think it's very telling when people don't want to admit it looks very much like Patsy's. It obviously does. I was shocked when I saw the note for the first time. And I would understand it if the Ramseys said "Yes, it does look similar. It's weird, but we can't explain it". But when they refuse to admit the obvious it becomes suspicious.

Not really sure if Erebus is BORG or a fencesitter - but will address hir question here.

I would NEVER say there weren't similarities between the ransom note handwriting and Patsy's. I am not much older than Patsy and I also share some of the same similarities - BECAUSE WHEN WE WERE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WE WERE ALL TAUGHT TO MAKE THE SAME LETTERS OVER AND OVER AND OVER. sAME SIZE, SAME SLANT, SAME STROKES. Later we all made changes to make out writing our own. I have a few letters that are unique to me - would be very hard for anyone to duplicate without going slow and thinking about every move.

A professional handwriting expert looks past some similarities - - they deal with pressure, speed, and those DIFFERENCES.

Some similarities exist. But I could see it was far from a match. I have the 5 full examples. I have some handwritten stuff that came after.

I see no evidence Patsy wrote that note.
Kimberly Whittington wrote, "Patsy wearing the same outfit always bothered me too. Most people who get up that early to make coffee do it in their robe or pajamas. I think she was still dressed from the night before and had never been to bed at all."

Patsy was not getting up for a leisurely morning at home - she was getting everyone up and on a plane in fairly short order. It makes a LOT of sense for her to get up, dress quickly, do whatever makeup she needed and THEN deal with the kids.

She had worn the outfit for just a few hours to the Whites' house. It was still pretty fresh. Had she been in it all night, killing her daughter and staging a kidnapping and sexually sadistic murder in that dank and dirty basement - - I think she would have taken a full shower and changed clothes - - not been fresh enough to call 911 and think they wouldn't notice the clothes were... a mess.

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