Why some feel the need to hate Patsy
UMM WOW. They are absolutely disgusting. No words can describe how petty, how pathetic and how ugly they are.. inside and out. They all need to grow up and get psychiatric evaluations.
What is sad is that there is whole new generation of BORG - mostly young people who watched one or two of the BORG anniversary shows and just really liked the idea that they could join the lynch mob and be part of the gang.

They have not read the books or depositions, watched the interviews or looked honestly at the intruder evidence. But they hate me and want to have the gofundme page removed. They want to visit the grave, possibly defile it as BORG has in the past.

I feel sorry for those misled individuals. They carry so much hate - and when they find they have been wrong, they will have to deal with that. I wouldn't want to be them.
The new generation of BORG truly make me sick to my stomach. So much hate when they clearly don't know what they are talking about. They go out of their way to harass John and Jan.. For what?? They need to get a life

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