Can you help?
BORG has spread lies saying I am not who I say, that I don't have the support of the Ramseys, that the money is going for personal gain.
Meanwhile I am in touch with two separate investigative teams who are actively working on suspects and I have promised to pay for those tests whenever they are ready. I am sure after I pay for a coupletests and post a copy of the receipt showing I DID pay for them - - more will donate.
Very excited
I encourage those who don't want to contribute to a general fund for testing suspects chosen by others to consider making a restricted offer like I did: Offer to pay for the untested individual you think is the best suspect.
If someone approached LE with a suspect and an offer to pay for the DNA testing - - you'd think LE would jump at the offer. But way back in the beginning when LE understood this could be solved through that DNA labeled GSLDPS99178617 - the Ramseys still had a lot of money then and offered to pay for all testing the police needed. LE declined the offer - couldn't have their #1 suspects paying for the tests.

Now we have documentation showing police limited the numbers of tests done because they didn't have the funding - - and I can tell you someone in Boulder administration told me straight up this old case had to take a back seat to newer cases, so don't expect a lot.

I understanding they are doing new tests on the evidence found in the house but I am not hearing about SUSPECT DNA being tested through their system. I sincerely hope I am just uninformed on that but....

So all we can do is offer to help Private Investigators pay for the tests they need to possibly being this killer to justice.

If someone really feels they can't trust me with the funds, maybe they will trust the Ramseys - or Lin Wood - or their local minister to hold the funds and make public the availability of that money.

Personally I think a lot of the people claiming to care so much really couldn't care less about seeing that solved and are just online for the internet drama.

Say what you want, I have spent a lot trying to get this solved. Unlike Tricia, I didn't pull a paycheck out of the posters but worked hard to see truth revealed as in documents, transcripts, etc.

So for those who would just flame my efforts - I challenge you to do better.

It would take most people YEARS to catch up to what you've contributed to this case, including people like Tricia who, in my opinion much like Steve Thomas, have actually SUBTRACTED from this case --- that is, made this case less likely to be solved rather than more likely.
Oh there have been so many times when I have read BORG bashing me on different forums, saying I have no contacts, know nothing...... and then left the forum to talk to investigators or lawyers or the Ramseys.

You have also contributed to exposing the truth. I applaud your efforts as well.

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