misleading other LE? Experts?
"Thomas depo 42 - prosecution"
Q. Do you know of any prosecutor who is familiar with the evidence that has concluded that the
evidence shows beyond a reasonable doubt that Patsy Ramsey is guilty of the homicide of her

A. No, because the prosecutors privy to that evidence are bound by grand jury secrecy and none
have violated that with me.
Q. Did you ever take this case to a prosecutor? I know you all had the Dream Team that was
helping the police department. I want to know whether you ever had a prosecutor outside of the seven
that were involved in this case that at least Mr. Hunter tells us did not believe that sufficient evidence
existed to charge and prosecute Patsy Ramsey. Did you ever take it to a prosecutor and present it to
ask someone else outside of Boulder whether that prosecutor believed that this case had evidence
justifying prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; did you ever do that?
A. Did we ever pack up our or me case file and take it and do a presentation for an outside
prosecutor to see if he thought or would prosecute this case? No, not that I'm aware of.
Q. Did you ever do it at any time as you sit here today?
A. Take it to a prosecutor?
Q. Did you take your information, what you knew in all those hundred of pages, that hopefully you'll
be able to find now that you'll go look for them in response to that subpoena, and take that to an
experienced prosecutor and say, give me your opinion on whether this justifies a prosecution in terms of
whether this is sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt? Did you ever do that?
That's my question.
A. No, I have friends that are prosecutors but I never went and did a case presentation of any sort
to try to elicit their support in moving forward with the prosecution.
Q. All right. Or to give you an opinion on what the evidence pro and con would say to an
experienced prosecutor?
A. I don't know what you're referring to, Mr. Wood.
Q. You would have to give them your evidence and you would have to give them the intruder
evidence and you would have to say, please, weigh this and tell me because I don't like Alex Hunter
and I don't believe that Alex Hunter is doing the right thing in not filing charges or getting an indictment
and tell me if you think as an experienced prosecutor the case is here to bring charges; did you ever do
A. No, I never had some sort of case presentation like that, no.
"biased presentations ok"
In response to message #0
Q. Why did you not, when you had old Barry Scheck, a nice guy, Henry Lee, all these VIPs there,
why did you not include the intruder evidence in the presentation to objectively give those individuals
both sides of the case?
A. Because the Boulder Police Department's position was, as I understood it and understand it, the
VIP presentation was to show that there was sufficient probable cause to arrest Patsy Ramsey and for
the DA's office to move it forward through the use of a grand jury with that end in mind.
Q. Of an indictment which is a finding by a grand jury of probable cause to charge or arrest, right?
A. Yes.

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