BORG vision on Ramsey family history
From Steve Thomas' depo in Wolf v Ramsey

Q. I didn't think it did. I mean, you know you all were looking to see if there was any pathology in
this family on either John Ramsey's part or Patsy Ramsey's part, right?

A. We did.
Q. And you didn't find any, did you?
A. What do you mean by pathology, Mr. Wood?
Q. Mr. Thomas, please, you know what pathology means.
MR. DIAMOND: Don't give him that tone of voice or I'm going to pick him up and walk him out of
MR. WOOD: If you want to pick him up and walk him out of here, if you think you're justified, do so.
MR. DIAMOND: Cut out the sarcasm. If you have a problem with his answer, move on to another
MR. WOOD: All right. May I ask my question without your interruption, please?
MR. DIAMOND: You may.
Q. (BY MR. WOOD) Mr. Thomas, please, do you, sir, not know what I mean when I asked you
whether there was any pathology on the part of John or Patsy Ramsey from a criminal investigation
A. I simply asked you to explain to me what you mean by pathology.
Q. As used by the people that discuss that very term in your investigation. You knew what they
meant, didn't you?
A. I don't think, to answer your question, that there was anything remarkable or outstanding as far as
what you're inquiring about. Although, Pitt and others would describe to us their concerns about the
beauty pageant world and child beauty pageants, et cetera, if that's what we're talking about as far as
family history.
Q. Drug use, illegal drug use would be pathology, child abuse would be pathology, domestic violence
would be pathology, right?
A. Yes.
Q. You didn't find anything about that with respect to this family, did you, sir, John and Patsy
A. Drug use, child abuse, or spousal abuse, not that I'm aware of.
Q. Anything along the lines of pathology that you believe you heard the investigation found, other
than Pitt and others you say commenting about beauty pageants?
A. No, there wasn't any sort of untoward history or certainly no criminal history that I was made
aware of.
Q. When you were in these presentations, either one or both, wasn't it discussed that the experts
hired by the Boulder Police Department did not believe that there was pathology?
A. I don't know to which experts you're referring.
Q. Well, Dr. Krugman, do you remember him?
A. Yeah, certainly. Dr. Krugman was the one who put forth the bed-wetting, toileting, and rage
Q. Ken Lanning of the FBI?
A. I remember Mr. Lanning from Quantico.
Q. What did Mr. Lanning say with respect to his expectation in a case like this in terms of whether
you would expect to find serious pathology or not?
A. I don't recall. I'll refresh myself at some point I hope with that report.
Q. (BY MR. WOOD) Page 67 of your book, bottom paragraph "Later a friend who had come out
from Boulder for the services recalled that she was asked by Patsy to retrieve the black jeans Patsy
had worn ... the morning of December 26th." Who was that friend?
A. I believe that was Priscilla White.
Q. Did you ever consider that perhaps Patsy Ramsey wanted those jeans because she wanted some
casual clothes and did not at that time feel like going out and shopping?
A. No, it struck me as unusual, as I said, to transport a pair of jeans 1500 miles to Atlanta from
Q. You think that was incriminatory?
A. It struck me as odd, Mr. Wood.
This comment was posted in 2003

Q. Well, Dr. Krugman, do you remember him?
A. Yeah, certainly. Dr. Krugman was the one who put forth the bed-wetting, toileting, and rage scenarios.

I met Dr. Krugman - - went to his office in Denver. He was very kind - we spoke case.... he is a busy man and has many files on his deak, the Ramseys case is one of dozens he deals with - - and he was understandably NOT terribly well-versed on Ramsey details..... it wasn't his case.
We spoke of the bedwetting scenario - - I believe he had it put to him that the evidence pointed to that.....
I have grown quite skeptical of "experts" since starting to follow this case. Too often it seems they are given choice bits of evidence when consulted - - and their opinions are not what they might be if they had the whole file.

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