What did YOU hear?
When I listened to the 911 tape that was sent to me by the DA's office, I heard Patsy calling in and the dialog between her and The 911 operator, Kim Archuletta.  I heard the 911 operator calling Patsy's name and it was clear Patsy had hung up.  I fully believe at that time Patsy was still hysterically speaking.  I don't think you end that call and go silent - she was likely speaking to John and he would have been talking back.  But I note that none of that is heard - - and if the phone had not been hung up completely, well, the volume wouldn't have been cut down - the conversation would have been taped.

But there was nothing there.

I believe the noises heard are the reel to reel tape recorder running the tape at Archuletta's end.
I posted this long ago, right after the tape was released

Lin has the tape and the legal right to let others hear it. He has already started to share it.
Barrie Hartman heard it and this is what he published yesterday:
"About the tape: Neither experts from the FBI nor the Secret Service could hear anything in the background, let alone Burke's voice. I have listened to the tape, and all I could hear was a very, very hysterical mother sobbing to a 911 dispatcher that her child had been kidnapped. I doubt that any fair-minded person would consider Patsy guilty after hearing the bone-chilling tape. Patsy's panicked cry for help is as real as it gets."
BORG Jayelles posted this years ago -

This discussion is getting unreal.
Who said the noises meant anything other than Patsy fumbled/had difficulty with/had shaky hands ..... when she replaced the phone.
The noise of Patsy fumbling to hang up the phone is what may be drowing out the other voices on the tape - and why the voices cannot be heard without enhancement.
A whole ridiculous discussion has grown out of my (seemingly) inept description of the 'trying to hang up the phone' sound.

My comment - I don't think Patsy was shaking so much that she didn't hang up the WALL PHONE and left behind banging and bumping noises and not the conversation she was probably having with John at that time. You know, like, "She is sending help. Oh my God, who would do this? I am going to call Fleet and Priscilla, maybe they can help!"

I don't imagine Patsy was silent between the time she hung up from 911 to the time she called Fleet and Priscilla.
Question - - if the WALL PHONE was not hung up (and that is really hard to do) why CAN'T we hear any conversation? I mean, John went upstairs and got dressed so wouldn't you think he would have told Patsy he was going to do that? And if Patsy immediately picked up the receiver and started to call the Whites and Fernies, wouldn't we hear her dialing their numbers?

I think the noises that we all can here are from the 911 operator's surroundings, her moving around, the rotation of the tape on the reel-to-reel tape recorder.
(05-21-2017, 03:19 PM)jameson245 Wrote: I think the noises that we all can here are from the 911 operator's surroundings, her moving around, the rotation of the tape on the reel-to-reel tape recorder.

I agree.  A clip from one of those TV shows, during which they "analyzed" the tape, is almost embarrassing to listen to.  It would be a real stretch of the imagination to hear any of what they're suggesting.  


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