INTERESTING - from Steve Thomas' deposition
Highlights from last post -

Thomas said - "Detective Hickman's travel to the Aerospace Corp. in Southern California, their
enhancement of that garbled noise at the end of that 911 call, those engineers preparing a report and
making findings I think identical to the detective who was there with the tape, her returning to the
Boulder Police Department with this information and then each of the detectives listening on
admittedly lesser equipment inside the Boulder Police Department to these findings, I concurred with others that
there was a third voice on that tape that I believed to be Burke."

(That Aerospace report has never been released and I personally don't believe it says a third voice was present. Am I calling Hickman a liar? No, because I have never seen anywhere that she has said this. I am calling Thomas a liar because if the FBI and Secret service couldn't hear that third voice - if it is NOT there in the tapes released later by the District Attorney - there is no WAY Thomas and the others heard it on "lesser equipment.)

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