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6. "RE: Thomas depo 22 - Spitz"
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page 254-255 pb JBITRMI
In a three-page report, forensics expert Dr. Werner Spitz furnished a logical sequence of events on the night JonBenet was killed.
*First, there had been a manual strangulation, by twisting the collar of the shirt, with the perpetrator's knuckles casuing the neck abrasion. That was consistent with rage-type attack. (My question: where is this twisted collared shirt??)
**Then came the devastating blow to the head, followed by the garrote strangulation. The detectives felt this could have been done either to ensure death or as part of a staging (note: the detectives felt, not Spitz). Another doctor said that the head was hit with great force and that the cracking skull would have made a tremendous noise. It was agreed that the cord around the throat was applied to a victim who offered little or no resistance, probably as she lay grievously wounded by the head injury. (again, I don't see these words absolutely attributed to Spitz. As for resistance, how much resistance could a little wee girl give?)
***By examining the condition of the pineapple in the stomach and the rate of digestion, Spitz put the time of death "about or before 1 A.M."
(first of all, the stomach was empty, so let's just assume another error on ST's part. The condition of the pineapple in the small intestine indicated by Meyer was that it was "fragments" of a fruit or vegetable material. Steve seems to be missing a condition required for Spitz to reach this 1 A.M. conclusion because Spitz does not know what time JB consumed the material/pineapple. Something's wrong/missing in this statement attributed to Spitz.)

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