Thomas deposition on pineapple
Q. The pineapple, we know the autopsy statement about the findings. Were there any tests
performed beyond the autopsy on those contents?
A. Yes.
Q. Tell me about that.
A. What I know about that is Detective Weinheimer received that assignment during the course of
the investigation, employed the help of I think a biological -- or a botanist or somebody of some
expertise at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The name Dr. Bach jumps out at me, as well as
others, and he completed a series of reports concerning the pineapple and I think to save time one of
those conclusions I think I put in the book.
Q. About the rinds being identical?
A. That it was a fresh pineapple consistent -- fresh pineapple with a rind.
Q. Rind being consistent -- oh, with a rind but consistent with pineapple found in the house or in the
A. Yeah, and let me clarify that, pineapple consistent down to the rind with pineapple found in the
bowl in the kitchen.
Q. Consistent down to the rind. It seems to me pineapple with rind is pineapple with rind. Was
there something unique about this particular rind?
A. I think they were able to determine -- well, in fact, I know that fellow Officer Weinheimer
disclosed to us that they were able to characterize it as a fresh pineapple rather than a canned
Q. Okay.
A. I think the investigation lent itself as far as, and Detective Weinheimer is a capable investigator,
as far as contacting Dole Pineapple in Hawaii, et cetera.
Q. Do you know whether there were any other reports on the pineapple, other than the autopsy
reports and Dr. Bach's reports?
A. Yeah, there was a series of reports on Weinheimer's investigation.
Q. Do you know anybody else by name that was involved in that, other than the Dr.Bach? I mean,
Dole didn't give you any report, did they?
A. No, not that I'm aware of. Sorry, the names escape me but there are other reports with other
planters, I guess, pineapple, for lack of a better term, experts.
Q. Any of those reports, anybody come up with something that was inconclusive in terms of
A. I'm sorry, I don't recall the content of the reports.

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