Steven Pitt
From Beckner deposition in Wolf v Ramsey

1 Q There was -- you know who Steven Pitt is?
2 A Yes.
3 Q What was his role?
4 A He was a forensic psychologist that
5 assisted us in the case.
6 Q What would a forensic psychologist bring
7 to the table?
8 A Well, he brings a lot in terms of
9 analyzing behavior, demeanor, statements, advice on
10 how to conduct interviews, advice on what questions
11 to ask, those areas.
12 Q Would he have been involved in a strategy
13 to bring public pressure on a given individual who
14 was under suspicion?
15 MR. MILLER: Objection

long discussion on this - interesting since he appears later in documentaries....
more from same depo

18 Q Was Jackie Dilson provided with any type
19 of questioning or scenarios to discuss with Chris
20 Wolf designed to evoke potential incriminating
21 statements from him?
22 A I don't know.
23 Q What would you have expected?
24 A My expectation would be that there would
25 be some conversation around those issues.

1 Q You would have a guy like Steven Pitt who
2 could give you input into things she might be able to
3 say that might trigger a particular answer that might
4 show some or provide information one way or the other
5 to the department?
6 A Sure.
7 Q Do you know whether Steven Pitt --
8 A No, I don't.
9 Q Would you have expected him to do so?
10 A No, I'm not sure what time frame we're
11 talking about. So I don't know whether he was even
12 involved at that time.
13 Q Is he actively involved now?
14 A No.
15 Q How long has he been off the case?
16 A A couple years.
17 Q He was off prior to the grand jury being
18 adjourned in 1999, wasn't he?
19 A Prior to it being adjourned?
20 Q Well, sent home, discharged?
21 A You know, I'm not sure whether he was
22 still consulting at that time with the DA
23 investigators or not.
Moving to Steve Thomas' deposition

Q. (BY MR. WOOD) When was Steven Pitt hired?
A. I don't know if Pitt came to the investigation through the district attorney's office or through
Sergeant Wickman but I recall Mr. -- or Dr. Pitt being on scene or being in Boulder, being involved
with the investigation was it summer of 1997 maybe. I don't know for sure.
Q. Was there any plan or strategy on the part of Boulder Police Department or any other law
enforcement agencies to try to put pressure on the Ramseys through the public?
A. I think so.
Q. And wasn't that part of what Steven Pitt was there to do?
A. I don't know what his employment agreement or what his motivations were for being there, but
he certainly offered advice.
Q. On that issue?
A. Yes.
Q. And isn't it true that Lou Smit's approach to build a bridge with the Ramseys really was in conflict
with the Boulder Police Department's strategy of putting public pressure on them?
A. Yes.
Q. And the FBI was involved, Bill Hagmaier, who I happened to know from Richard Jewell's case?
A. Great guy.
Q. Yeah, wrong on Richard Jewell, wrong on Ramsey, that's consistent. Mr. Hagmaier was
involved in the formulation of this plan of public pressure on the Ramseys, wasn't he?
A. I believe there were discussions with the FBI, yes, about how to exert some public pressure on
people who are not cooperating, yes.
Q. Part of that was to try to portray them clearly to the public as being uncooperative and therefor
appearing to be possibly involved in the death of their daughter, right?
A. I think it was two different things. I don't think they were necessarily trying to further paint them
as uncooperative. I think they were using the media to get them back in to help us with the case.
Q. Were they also thinking that they might use the media to apply pressure so that there might be a
possibility that one of the parents might confess involvement in the crime? Was that ever discussed?
A. That may have been -- that may have been some motivations.
Q. Do you believe from your recollections that that was discussed?
A. I wouldn't disagree with it. I don't have any concise, clear recollection of a conversation like that.
I think Steven Pitt was brought in to help put pressure on the Ramseys, to put together a plan of action including a list of questions to cover - - and a list to totally avoid.

I am sure he can't talk because of a non-disclosure agreement. LOTS of people claim they can't talk because of those promises. At the end of the day, with all the lies being told, I look at non-disclosure agreements as no-truth agreements.

In the end the lies will stand and those who really have been fighting to have the truth exposed will give up because some don't care enough to fight for the truth to win out over the lies.

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