John Andrew's room
From 2001 documentary

Lou Smit was giving a tour of the house.

"This is the door to JonBenét's room and right over here is the door to the guest bedroom.
and there was a real interesting thing that we found out about this room. This window overlooks the garage and the driveway and would be a great vantage point for anyone that would want to see if the Ramseys were coming home that night.
What's interesting about this room Also what was real interesting in this room we did see that some of the drawers in the bathroom right off the bedroom were partially open which look like they were out of place.
Also in this room there was a rope and we don't know where that rope came from. No one can explain why that rope is in this room.
Also what's real interesting in this room, and it's just a small detail, but there was a dust ruffle all the way around the bed that was tucked in except for just a small area right in front of the bed. It seem to have been pulled out. Now does that mean that killer may have been under that bed, we just don't know. But its just an observation.
The dust ruffle is just one of the small things that detectives look for."

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