what BORG hears
I posted the following on Monday Feb 20

"At the end of the 911 call John Ramsey is heard barking to Burke "We're not speaking to you". It is stated in a clear parent-to-child tone, with venom and contempt."

This is just one example of what BORG hears when they listen to the tape.
Other reports of BORG hearing words on that tape.

"Boulder Detective Melissa Hickman took the tape to the Aerospace Corporation for enhancement. There, experts enhanced the tape. At first they heard Patsy saying "Help me, Jesus, help me, Jesus," and Burke saying, "Please, what do I do?" according to a source."

"After further analysis, they heard three distinct voices, then gave the enhanced recording to Det. Hickman. "Hickman heard John Ramsey say, "We're not speaking to you," in what sounded like a very angry voice," the source said. "Patsy then says, "Help me Jesus, help me Jesus," and finally Burke is clearly heard to say "Well what did you find?"
STEVE THOMAS reported this a bit differently'

From his book: When these sounds were brought up many times over, police heard Burke and John Ramsey in an exchange. The child said, "Please, what do I do?" To this John Ramsey replied, "We are not speaking to you." Finally, Burke is heard to ask, "What did you find?"

From a 11/14/2000 Steve Thomas Chat online where he backpedaled a bit, "appears to be Burke".

crimeADM: "Did you hear the 911 tape personally; and if so, once and for all, was Burke on it?"
Steve Thomas: "I heard the 911 tape. repeatedly, as did the other detectives. the consensus was unanimous, as supported by the enhancement -- there is a 3rd voice on the tape, appears to be Burke (unless there was someone else present who has never been identified...)"
After watching the CBS show Fall, 2016, I posted this on another forum.

"They said they heard Burke saying, "What did you find." Again, looking at another script, I could hear, "What do we do?"

Do I think Patsy was talking to John in that hall after she thought she hung up the phone? Yes, certainly. Do I think the recording presented last night was a true enhancement with no "additions"? NO. Personally I believe they altered the enhanced version just as the old music makers added voices to some music and we heard a choir.

The 911 operator said SHE thought she heard Patsy say, "OK, we called the police so now what?", I find it VERY interesting that was not on Clemente and Richards' enhanced tapes. So either it wasn't there or they just forgot to have their "expert" add it. I admit I don't know what to believe on that.

Also, I find it telling that they TOLD the 911 operator, Kim Archuletta, what to listen for when they played the enhanced tape for her. God, what manipulation, a great case of group hypnosis, I think.

She was in tears, having been educated as she was, I would expect nothing less. She said there are things people need to know., things that were never addressed. I say Penn and Teller couldn't have done a better job misleading a witness.

That's MY opinion on their bit related to the 911 call. "
First, let me assure you Burke's grand jury testimony has not been made public.  Some may know what he said in there but when I see BORG claiming to know something was said when I know that is not true - - it makes it hard to take that person serious and makes me feel bad that newbies to the discussion believe their lies.

So on a BORG site, this was posted:

Deborah Cassidy Oh he said to the grand jury that ..and I quote .. "sounds like me "..


Deborah Cassidy Yip he said to the grand jury when they played the call to him. Yeah that sounds like me. Esther I'm sure it was dateline episode they show the documents for a min and the host said it il need to re watch it again but yeah for sure he testified that sounds like me

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