from CBI report January 2009
The DNA profile developed from item 166-1, (the wrist ligature) revealed the presence of a mixture.  The following individuals are excluded as contributors of this profile:
John Andrew Ramsey
Melinda Ramsey
John Bennett Ramsey
Patsy Ramsey
Burke Ramsey

Others are listed, including Linda Hoffman-Pugh  (not Mervin, I have no evidence his DNA was taken or processed by studying these reports.)
Its unbelievable Merv's DNA was possibly never processed!!
I don't see his name in these papers - - if I missed it, let me know.
From the official files on DNA:

Ligature from wrists: olefin, similar to that used in garrote
both ends of the wrist ligature were frayed (as opposed to heat cut or melted so it would not unravel).
Both loops were loose on her wrists - John easly slipped the loop oner her left wrist and the right was loosely tied over her sweater sleeve.
Distance between two loops was about 15 1/2 inches.

Different knots on wrists:
the right wrist was a larks head knot also known as a cow hitch, capsized reef knot or square knot.
the left wrist was a Z noose that allowed the killer to draw the hands together.

NO DNA was developed from the wrist cords.

Maybe someone will recognize the knots

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