HAIR evidence
In 2006, the forums were talking about a beaver hair found on the tape and a wolf/dog hair was found on her hand.  We had been told the BPD went through the closet floors using sticky tape to collect fibers and didn't find matching hairs so everyone started talking about the dogs owned by people like Mike Helgoth.

Looking for the source of the hair information.
Reading the DNA files I see two hairs listed, both found on the white blanket that was found with the body. One was a pubic hair and the other a head hair. I do not see any reports proving the source of either hair.
From Mark Beckner's deposition in Wolf v Ramsey

15 Q Did you ever take any hair samples from
16 Mr. Wolf?
17 A We may have. I don't -- I can't tell you
18 for sure.
19 Q Mitochondria, are you familiar with that
20 word?
21 A Yes.
22 Q Were there any mitochondria tests
23 performed on hair samples obtained from Chris Wolf?
24 A My understanding of DNA you don't have to
25 do that. Once you have the DNA you have the DNA. A

1 person's DNA whether you get it from hair, saliva,
2 body fluids doesn't matter, it's the same. So one
3 DNA test is going to come back the same.
4 Q Does that mean the answer is no, you did
5 not do any mitochondria tests on hair samples taken?
6 A I don't believe we did.
7 Q Why would you bother to take hair samples
8 from anyone then if you have a DNA sample?
9 A You don't always have DNA samples. Some
10 hairs won't have DNA attached to them.
11 Q What was the type of fluid or material
12 that you took from Chris Wolf in order to check his
13 DNA?
14 A I believe they took saliva.
15 Q Okay. So if you have saliva from an
16 individual, why would you need a hair sample?
17 A For DNA, I don't believe you would need a
18 hair sample.
19 Q But what would you need the hair sample
20 for?
21 A You may want to do a comparison with other
22 hairs that you have at a crime scene.
23 Q Was any comparison done of the hair sample
24 or samples taken from Chris Wolf with any other hair
25 samples taken from the crime scene?

1 A I don't know.
2 Q Well, wouldn't you have expected there to
3 be?
4 A Not necessarily.
5 Q Why not?
6 A Well, there's -- this is getting into an
7 area that I don't think I can go into.
8 Q Well, I mean you took hair samples from
9 Chris Wolf. You come in and you state that Chris
10 Wolf was under the umbrella of suspicion?
11 A I --
12 MR. MILLER: He didn't say he took hair
13 samples of Chris Wolf.
14 A I said I didn't know.

I am studying what I can related to DNA and wonder if the hairs he is referring to the two hairs found on the white blanket that was with the body. Those remain, as far as I know, unsourced.
Had they belonged to anyone in the family they would have been eliminated from the equation long ago - but police were taking hair and pubic samples from suspects long after the murder.
15 Q (BY MR. WOOD) Let me tell you, then, that
16 Chris Wolf has stated that he did give hair samples.
17 A But I don't know that.
18 Q Well, let's assume, if you would, that
19 Chris Wolf is right about that at least. If he gave
20 hair samples, would the police department as a matter
21 of its investigative procedures compare his hair
22 sample to hair samples found at the crime scene?
23 A I would expect that.
24 Q There wouldn't be any real reason not to,
25 would there?

1 A No.
2 Q Would there be any other type -- what type
3 of comparison -- what is the test you do? Is it
4 simply looking under a microscope or does it involve
5 any type of forensic testing of the hair itself?
6 A It's primarily, if it's just hair, it's
7 primarily a comparison under the microscope. If
8 you've got a root attached then you've got some DNA
9 that can be tested through normal DNA process down --
10 CBI can do that.
11 If you want to get DNA off of just a hair
12 without a root sample, that has to be mitochondria
13 and the only place we're aware of that does that is
14 the FBI. And so it's something that -- it's not --
15 you just don't do it every day. You've got to have a
16 pretty good reason to do it and then you're on a
17 pretty long waiting list to get that done. It's not
18 something, where like you can with CBI, where you can
19 do hundreds of DNA samples; you can't do that with
20 hair.
21 Q So if you have the saliva swab from
22 Mr. Wolf and a hair sample and, again, I'm going to
23 ask you to assume, you would not have submitted the
24 hair for DNA testing because you had the DNA you
25 needed through the saliva, correct?

1 A You know, I don't know whether CBI would
2 do that or not. My understanding would be that the
3 saliva would suffice for the DNA test and there would
4 be no reason to do a DNA on the hair, that's my
5 understanding.
6 Q But you would have expected, assuming
7 again that Mr. Wolf did give the hair sample, you
8 would have expected that it would have been examined
9 under a microscope in terms of the comparison of hair
10 fibers found at the crime scene or on the victim's
11 body?
12 MR. MILLER: Objection. Asked and
13 answered. You can answer.
14 Q (BY MR. WOOD) You can answer.
15 A I would expect that.
16 Q Where again, if Mr. Wolf were correct,
17 where would this hair sample have been taken from or
18 was it the procedure to take more than one from
19 different parts of the individual's body?
20 A Again, it depends on your crime scene. As
21 far as when you say procedure or policy, it's all
22 dependent on your crime scene.
23 Q Well, understanding you have the knowledge
24 of the crime scene here. Chris Wolf is asked to give
25 hair samples. Where would you have taken the samples

1 from in terms of his body?
2 A Well, there are a number of locations you
3 could take. You could take pubic hairs, you could
4 take head hairs.
5 Q Yeah, I understand. I understand that
6 there are a number of locations. But I'm asking in
7 terms of your investigation of this murder, with the
8 knowledge you have of this crime scene --
9 A Um-hum.
10 Q -- if you want hair samples from Chris
11 Wolf, where would they have been taken from? Would
12 they have been taken from his head? His chest? His
13 underarm? His pubic area? Or all of those?
14 A I would think probably pubic area and head
15 hair.
16 MR. MILLER: Can we take a break?
17 MR. WOOD: Sure, any time.

Beckner depo
From Steve Thomas deposition in Wolf v Ramsey:

Q. You don't want me to go there. The -- as I understand it, there was a beaver hair, what was
identified as a beaver hair, found on the duct tape?
A. FBI lab identified a hair or fiber from the adhesive side of the duct tape as a beaver hair.
Q. Were you aware that Mr. Ainsworth, Detective Ainsworth, went through the Ramseys'closets in
June of 1997 and taped all the closets for hairs and that no beaver hair was found?
A. Yes, but that's not surprising.
Steve Thomas in Wolf v Ramsey

Q. Were there also brown and black animal hairs found on JonBenet Ramsey's hand that had never
been sourced?
A. Brown and black animal hairs on her hand that had never been sourced? This is the first I've
heard of that.
ST v Ramsey
Q. There was a pubic hair, or what was believed to be a pubic hair, that may have turned out to be
an ancillary hair, but that hair has never been sourced, as you know it?
A. As far as I know.
Looking through all the files for some documentation on a wolf hair - I found none. I believe the only animal hair found was the beaver hair - - and police found NO beaver hair anywhere else in the house. They looked, and looked hard - - there was none.

Some of the suspects have been linked to articles of clothing that had beaver hair - one a cold weather jacket with beaver hair - and that was documented as a certainty. He was cleared within the past year by familial DNA and handwriting.

There is no justification in naming him here - - his name is NOT on any of the forums.
Just thought people might like to know the investigation is NOT DEAD, several groups are working on different theories and focusing on some very reasonable suspects.
On the hair, there was a pubic hair and a second, longer, hair. Neither has been sourced.
From John v CBS lawsuit filed 10/14/2017

186. An unidentified Caucasian pubic or auxiliary hair was found on the blanket
covering JonBenét’s body and did not match hairs of John, Patsy, or Burke.

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