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The Unethical Forefront Of The Case
Understanding exactly how Social Status protected the Ramsey's and why JonBenet's death still isn't solved.
You have to realize that the Ramsey's Attorneys, Lou Smit and Hunter himself all make up the Good Ol' Boy system. The Ramsey attorneys were once the DA's of Boulder. Meaning, they knew both Hunter and Smit very well.
First of all, you only call a homicide detective out of retirement if they owe you a favor. Did Smit owe Hunter a few favors? Smit would of had quite a friendship built personally and professionally, with NOT only Hunter, but the Ramsey attorneys who were also once DA's of Boulder.
Secondly, the quarrel between the DA office and BPD was what impeded the case. Anger and resentment would resort in the superiors of both departments trying to out do the other. This is factually seen throughout the case.
Furthermore, a poor family would had never gotten this treatment shown to the Ramsey's by DA Hunter. Whereas, never in the American History of murders has a DA said to a poor family "Hey, I will get you the best investigator that your money can buy".
Show me one case in America where a poor family ever considered suspects by a police department got this exact special treatment and same protection by District Attorney Hunter.
You can't.
Because poor people don't have the money to afford their Freedom by buying unethical measures of government misconduct.
John Ramsey afforded it.
He was at a position politically and financially to be catered to. Poor people do NOT get the District Attorney pulling the best Homicide Detectives out of retirement for them.
It doesn't happen for poor families.
It's never happened for poor families.
The Social Class of the Ramsey's coupled with The Good Ol' Boy System of Lou Smit, Hunter and the Ramsey Attorneys that were once Boulder DAs, led to an unethical "No Prosecution".
JonBenet's case never went cold.
But simply, it was continuously impeded and prolonged by two departments at a childish war. Both trying to out do the other.
The only problem?
John Ramsey's money fell into the hands of two Attorneys that knew Hunter and Smit a little, too well.
Nobody can dispute this arrangement.
These are solid facts. Government misconduct and unethical superiors are a real life occurrence. Things are only whitewashed when afforded. Poor people can't afford this protection. Poor people can't just make things disappear.
But if you're rich enough...
If, you're company is very political...
If your attorneys are buddy, buddy with the DA and used to be in his very position, then money can seal indictments.
JonBenet Ramsey's death was never solved due to the professionalism of both departments being absolutely nil.
Hunter controlled the written law.
The BPD controlled the enforcement.
When the clash of departments sworn to uphold the law are both guilty of practicing unethical measures... then tragedies like this happen.
But what do these Superiors care when they have "Qualified Immunity"?
What do they care when they have "Absolute Immunity"?
They don't.
(These quoted immunities are factual law terms that apply to DA's and Law Enforcement Officers)
This was never a cold case.
This was a childish war between two departments sworn to uphold the law.
All should rot in prison.
They shouldn't get their immunity.
This case goes unanswered because the superiors involved all practiced unethical measures.
JonBenet Ramsey hasn't received any Justice, simply because two departments were at a childish war.
A war, in which money could afford certain truths to be hushed.
A war, in which a Good Ol' Boy system was enacted to Protect the Ramsey's.
100% absurd and unethical.
Nobody can dispute the the personal relationship of Smit, Hunter and the Ramsey attorneys that used to be the DA's of Boulder.
Nobody can dispute the fact that poor families don't get special privileges. Like the fact, a famous homicide detective was personally pulled out of retirement.
Money Hides The Truth.
Numerous truths have been hidden in this case.
Wake up world!
Government Misconduct is a reality

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