In the beginning
Miss West Virginia Pageant's Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration  - June 1994

"The following June, I returned to the pageant's Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration and reunited of former Miss West Virginias. I was bald from the chemo treatments, so I wore a wig, I was emaciated from losing so much weight, but I found a bright red beaded gown that only someone really skinny would wear, one side benefit to the chemo therapy. My sister Pam, who had been in the 1980 Miss West Virginia, and I sang " A Gershwin Melody" under the spotlight." [DOIpg54]


"My little girl, who was only three-and-a-half at the time, was in the audience that night," (snip) "As part of the show that evening, the president of the Miss American Pageant, Albert Marks, presented my parents with a special plaque of commendation for having sent two daughters to the national Miss American pageant." (snip) "In his remarks Mr. Marks said that he had met a little blond angel in a pretty pink dress who looked to him like a future Miss America. He was talking about JonBenet." [DOIpg54]


JonBenet began playing her game called "Presenting"

"When we returned home to Colorado, she began begging to be in a pageant. I would hear JonBenet playing a new game she called "Presenting" with her friends." (skip) "She would stand beside the door to the living room and give the okay. Then I would say, "Preeeesenting Miss JonBenet Ramsey." And she would jump out into the doorway. "Presenting" became JonBenet's favorite game." [DOIpg54]
As I was a young child growing up, it was a big deal for me to watch the pageants on tv.
I can see how much fun it was for Patsy and Jonbenet to play the Presenting game.

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