Beth Ramsey
I am shocked that Lin Wood has not threatened to sue Facebook for all the misinformation that is being allowed to stand there. Truth is the BORG grows because Facebook gets new followers of the case and misinforms them with NO sense of responsibility.

I get email now and then from someone asking me for "the other side" and sometimes they challenge me to explain the LIES they have believed - the feces on candy and milk in pineapple and the vicious attack Burke did earlier when he hit JonBenet with a golf club and she nearly died! I mean, it's just terrible.

The images of Beth at the scene of the accidence didn't need to be shown to anyone. But I have found the media to be heartless in so many situations.
Someone dug up pictures of Beth at her accident scene?

Un FREAKING believable! Who the hell would think thats even relevant to JonBenet's murder?

The media was horrible when was murdered.. couldnt imange how bad it would be if it happened now with social media.

JonBenet being held by her oldest sister, Beth. Tragically, a few years later Beth passed away in a car accident. She was 22 years old.
    A Ramsey family portrait dated before Burke and JonBenet were born. Before marrying Patsy, John had three children from his first marriage; Beth, Melinda, and John Andrew. Beth, his oldest child, would tragically pass away in a car accident on Janurary 8th, 1992. She was 22 years old.

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