Paula Woodward on CNN!! March 3rd
Stephen Pitt has always been BORG and he says the "only explanation" here is the "accident/cover-up" theory.

He was told something early on, made up his mind and I doubt he is willing to honestly look at ANYTHING that doesn't fit his theory. He is the poster child for true BORG. Don't confuse him with evidence and deep thoughts about family history and other details. He is not moving off that spot he chose to call home.
At least the show was right about one thing - no evidence of prior sexual assault.
WRONG: Pitt's statement that Patsy's prints were on the spoon. Hers were on the bowl, not the spoon.

Ron Walker said JonBenet was pushed and hit something and that is how she got that terrible injury to her head. But others really have made it clear that could not be the case. To make that absolute hole in her skull, something was swung, had velocity, and then hit her.

Patterson indicates that the spider webs would have been disturbed if someone went in or out the window - - but I would point out there was a disturbance at the window and the webs left behind were not blocking the way in that window but off to the side.
Deserves its own post - Ron Walker stated as a fact that Burke's voice is on the 911 tape.

Ron Walker is BORG and obviously very willing to lie about the evidence. We all know there is no lab standing up to say they could find that voice - - and we have all seen the attempt by CBS to sell the voice - - but no one really hears anything they aren't looking for while holding their pee, standing on one foot and squinting hard.
They didn't discuss the DNA left in her panties, co-mingled with her blood from the sexual assault. No, they just spoke of the DNA on the waistband that we all know is a mixed profile. Why couldn't they be honest? (Hint, it has to do with being BORG.)
Interesting - - they reported that when Alex Hunter was talking to the killer in his Feb. 15th, 1997 interview, he was talking to Patsy, trying to make her sweat. According to CNN, it didn't take long for Patsy to call -- - but not to confess! She wanted to thank Alex Hunter for moving on the intruder theory - - and according to CNN, the cops didn't know what to do with THAT!

I don't want to paint Hunter as BORG, I don't know if he was talking to Patsy or JOnBenet's killer (whoever that was) BUT I sure know some of the cops near him were needing a drink after that call from Patsy. Her call was either from an innocent person, or one hell of a cold killer and great actor.
Another interesting point - Patterson said once the Ramseys were at the Fernies and had been medicated and even had some alcohol - - the legal advisors told the BPD NOT to bring in the Ramseys for interviews because any statements they made under those circumstances would certainly be inadmissible in court.
I just watched this. Were there only 2 episodes? I'm confused. Regardless, I am beyond disappointed!!!
(03-04-2017, 04:23 PM)jameson245 Wrote: Ron Walker is BORG and obviously very willing to lie about the evidence.  

Everything I've read and seen about Ron Walker forces me to believe that he was biased beyond belief.  I'm surprised he had the qualifications to even become an FBI agent.  It's as if he disregarded the majority of the evidence, including what was in the autopsy report.  

I didn't get to see this show, so I hope it's shown elsewhere later.
There were three hours - two were like a documentary and then an hour of panel discussions. I am sure CNN will have it online - or repeat it. Check for listings.

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