Paula Woodward on CNN!! March 3rd
Tune in on March 3rd... 8-11 pm eastern,CNN will be having a special on JoBenet featuring author Paula Woodward!!  It should be good!!! 

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Setting my DVR to record!
1 - Paula is talking about having JBR in pageants and says, "I think that's the biggest crime of all."

2. Ron Walker of the FBI says he thinks the head injury was caused by her hitting something, not the other way around.

3.  Ron Walker says Burke, as a matter of FACT, IS heard on the 911 tape.
OK, so they just started on John Mark Karr - and he is arrested and they are going after his DNA (because God knows it could clear anyone except her parents). And what DNA are they talking about? The DNA found on her waistband. They are not talking about the unexplainable foreign DNA that was found mixed with her blood in her panties but the DNA on her long johns that we all know is a composite! Could be the killer's and LHP's or Patsy's because they may have touched the long johns when folding laundry. DNA from waistband compared to JMK - - so he was cleared.

How stupid was THAT!
They are saying Patsy wouldn't have worn clothes two days in a row - - but maybe she didn't go to bed - - or maybe she did just figure it was clean and a Christmas outfit.

Patterson is saying he would not wear party clothes on the plane but something more comfortable.  Clearly he doesn't understand those were he favorite pants and a red sweater goes anywhere.
I don't believe Paula is the best Ramsey supporter they could have gotten for the show. I really don't.
The guy sitting opposite Paula, I missed his name, clearly was not a student of this case all along and has not got the full information on the stun gun marks. He seems quite fine with the "Christmas Present Railroad Track" being the weapon there. (Who ever said Burke got train tracks that year or played with it in the basement?)

He clearly did not view or read the Doberson interviews.
Patterson just said he won't totally exclude the intruder theory but he doesn't believe in it. Said when he went to the Ramsey house he went out to JonBenet's balcony and looked down and he says there was snow on the ground and no footprints in the snow.

The problem with that, no matter what he says, is that before he got to the house, John Fernie had walked from the alley to the door under the balcony and then continued to the front of the house to get in. HIS prints must have been there but Patterson really doesn't want to hear about that - - and I would note Paula did not point it out to him.
Im so mad I missed this!

I hope they add it on Hulu!!
If you knew what you were looking for, it is clear the program was meant to indict the Ramseys. For example, they were leading into the January 1, 1997 interview with CNN. They showed John and Patsy leaving a building, clearly not medicated, they were smiling and happy. Then they showed some of the interview where Patsy is VERY spaced out, crying, John is stronger but obviously upset as well. My problem is that the first images were from a much later date. They were wearing different clothes, Patsy's hair is different - - but for a person who didn't follow the story it might look like the Ramseys were doing just fine until they put on an act for the camera.

Misleading and unkind, IMO.

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