Question #1
PATSY RAMSEY: I just remember hearing
2 something that John Fernie was going to detain
3 Fleet because he was in no condition to be put
4 on that plane.
5 TOM HANEY: No condition due to?
6 PATSY RAMSEY: He was -- and like I
7 say, I am kind of like just catching, you know,
8 wafts of these conversations. But that was my
9 first recollection. I picked up on something
10 that Fleet was not acting right. And they were
11 going to keep him from going on the private
12 plane back to Atlanta.
13 So anyway, I didn't want to think
14 too much about it, and then when we were in
15 Atlanta, I just sort of remember Priscilla
16 standing in my mother's living room, family
17 room, you know, just kind of like this and
18 saying, "well, I know what's going on" and she
19 said, "if you would give me a few minutes of
20 your time, I could let you in on some things."
21 And I turned to her and I said,
22 "Priscilla, how can you know so much?" And I
23 said, "I am the mother of this child. And I
24 know nothing."
25 TOM HANEY: What was she referring
1 to?
2 PATSY RAMSEY: I don't have a clue.

My question - What would you have told her?

I really hope to see a book from these two one day with all the details.  Let them make money off the case, who cares if we get to the truth, expose the killer and find justice for all involved?
the other time that was 14 really frightening to me is, we had come back to 15 Colorado and John and I were in Father Rol's 16 office, in the church, and my dad was sitting 17 out in the little waiting area. And Father Rol 18 and John and I were praying, and Fleet White 19 burst into the door, burst into the office. 20 And he is just, his eyes are just 21 wild. And you know, I kind of did this number, 22 and he got down on his knees, and looked like -- 23 and had a business card in his hand, and he was 24 leaning over to my husband saying, "you know 25 what this is, John, you know what this means, 0081 1 John, you know what I am going to have to do 2 with this, John, I am going to have to handle 3 this my way, John." 4 I mean he was just on and on and 5 on. And I said, "Fleet, Fleet, what is it?" 6 And he handed me this business card 7 and it was a business card from some journalist 8 or something, and it had a note on the back. 9 And it said, I don't know exactly word for word, 10 but something to the effect of, you know, Mr. 11 White, there has been some question as to 12 whether it was you or John Ramsey who removed 13 the tape from JonBenet's mouth. You know. And 14 about the sequence of the basement discovery. 15 Because we had talking about this. 16 Well, he said they are after me and 17 my family now, John, I am going to have to 18 handle -- and he was just like a maniac and 19 Father Rol said to calm down and you know, he 20 said, "I am going to handle it my way, John, my 21 way, John and you know, Father Rol was just 22 trying to get them to calm down. "It's okay 23 Fleet," you know, "what do you mean by your 24 way?" You know, calm down. You know, it will 25 be okay.

My Question to Fleet - What had the journalist said to upset you, really?

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