Pineapple or fruit cocktail?
From the autopsy:
" G.I. Tract: The esophagus is empty.It is lined by gray-white mucosa. The stomach contains a small amount (8-10 cc) of viscous to green to tan colored thick mucous material without particulate matter identified. The gastric mucosa is autolyzed but contains no areas of hemorrhage or ulceration. The proximal portion of the small intestine contains fragmented pieces of yellow to light green-tan apparent vegetable or fruit material which may represent fragments of pineapple."

For years we understood this pineapple was the same as the fresh pineapple found in a dish in the Ramsey dining area.  The argument came when some (BORG) believed the Ramseys fed it to her after they got home from the Whites so believed they had caught the parents in a lie.  Some IDI theorists argued the killer could have fed it to her after luring her from her bed.  Even others, I included, felt it was eaten LONG before her murder, just before the family went to the Whites' for their Christmas dinner.

Recently, Paula Woodward wrote a book where she does not share the police reports but states that a police report states that there were the remains of not only pineapple but also grapes and cherries found in her intestines.  That would lead one to believe fruit cocktail was served at the Whites - but in  no Ramsey or White interview that we have access to is anyone even ASKED about fruit cocktail being served.
Are there transcripts of the interviews with the Whites? Did they ever interview Daphne to find out if she knew anything about the object (smiley/heart) drawn on JB's hand?
There are no transcripts available of the White interviews. People speak to them (CBS) and don't report what was said. At least one producer I know was invited to sit and speak with Fleet but declined (why, I can't begin to guess). And then there is me - - I asked to meet with him when I was in Boulder and got the cold shoulder. Go figure.

The Whites have made a few public comments to the City counsel but interviews and depositions have been sealed. I did have an opportunity to read a deposition, actually put it online and the federal judge informed me it was sealed and ordered me to take it down, which I did. Fleet did NOT accuse the Ramseys at all. I felt he was confused by officers who assured him the Ramseys HAD done this. But Fleet never joined the lynch mob.

I just wish he'd tell the truth now.
Have to admit confusion with the fruit cocktail story. I spoke many times to Lou Smit back in the day and he said the pineapple came from that bowl on the table - he was sure of it. So if there was fruit cocktail in her intestines - - I have to wonder if it is the same sample we are talking about! I mean, processed fruit cocktail could have been served at the Whites' house - - I never saw any evidence they were asked about that. And since fresh raw pineapple would take longer to get through the stomach. Could it be both were in her system?

I asked Paula to share the lab reports but don't think she has them as she referred me to some police reports. Just don't know about the fruit cocktail and wish she would clear it up since she gave us that new piece of the puzzle.
To be fair - while Paula said she did not have the lab reports, she did cite the BPD reports on the fruit cocktail information. #1-1348 and 1-349

I am still having a problem with both Steve Thomas and Lou Smit believing the pineapple found was fresh and matched what was found in the bowl. Maybe she had both?
From u/paulawoodwardama:
The contents of the stomach/intestine were in a mixture contained in a test tube. In October 1997, Boulder police contacted University of Colorado scientists to test the mixture. They replied on December 25, 1997 and with a final written report on January of 1998. The mixture they tested contained cherries, pineapple, grapes and grape skins.
I don't have a smoking gun. What I know is that as far as we "know" there were four people in the house that night, but we don't really know if someone else was there. And that is one of the other mysteries. Will we ever know?

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