The indictments
Both John and Patsy received the same ruling from the grand jury.

The Grand Jury did vote to indict John and Patsy on certain charges - far short of murder or conspiracy to commit murder. 

DA Alex Hunter was obligated to bring charges ONLY if he believed he could get a conviction.  Knowing a LOT more than the Grand Jurors had been told about this case, he (with a board of advisors) made the decision NOT to charge either John or Patsy with any crime.

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Lin Wood spoke about the Grand Jury proceedings in an interview with Westword and I want to share some of that with the forum.

Question put to Lin Wood: As we know, a grand jury was ready to indict John Ramsey at one point.

His response : Be careful when you talk about what the grand jury was ready to do. I've seen the recommendation of the grand jury, and it certainly didn't involve Burke Ramsey. It talked about assisting someone in the first-degree charge of murder. That wouldn't apply to Burke.

A district attorney can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. Now, that grand jury sat for eighteen months. What we don't know are all the other recommendations that were submitted to that grand jury by the district attorney's office. I'm sure, if you saw them, that you would find things that said Patsy Ramsey should be charged with first-degree homicide. They obviously answered no, or they didn't answer. So those recommendations themselves are internally confusing, if not contradictory. I suspect you had a grand jury that was so confused after eighteen months of being pushed hard by the Boulder police to make some recommendation that it finally came up with these nonsensical, contradictory recommendations that Alex Hunter, in the proper exercise of his prosecutorial duty, knew he could never sustain beyond a reasonable doubt. And he did the right thing by not bringing the charge.

Guilt or innocence is not determined by a grand jury recommendation. And it certainly is not determined when that recommendation is rejected by the district attorney's office. It doesn't take much to make out a prima facie case. It takes a lot to make out a criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt. And there is no evidence that would support that charge against John and Patsy.

I've always said it would be nice if the entire grand jury procedure was released to the public. All of the testimony. All of the recommendations submitted to the grand jury. When you pull out a small piece of a puzzle developed over eighteen months, it doesn't give you the context to understand what that one piece of the puzzle really means and where it fits. Somebody decided to leak that, and then it was affirmed by a judge that it should be released. They should have released the whole thing. I have long advocated, on behalf of the Ramsey family, that all of the evidence should come out, all of the testimony given to the grand jury, so the public can draw its only conclusions. Put the evidence out there, and people can look at the real evidence. The only conclusions that have been drawn from the real evidence so far is that John and Patsy Ramsey have been exonerated by the district attorney based on DNA evidence, and it was deemed in 1998 and 1999 that Burke Ramsey was not a suspect. So I don't have any fear of people drawing their own conclusions as long as they are doing it based on a full and accurate representation of the evidence. It's the misinformed accusations, the uninformed accusations, the speculative accusations for profit that get my attention when it comes to filing lawsuits against individuals or entities.
Two out of seven bills were signed and returned, the rest denied.

I am guessing one of those choices given to the GJ was for MURDER, another for Manslaughter. If so, those bills were denied.

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