The Oxleys
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Another interesting concept is the former owners of the home. The Oxleys The Ramsey's offered them a price for the home which was refused. It sat for awhile and didn't sell so they contacted them to see if they were still interested. The Oxleys were getting divorced and needed to sell. The Ramsey's then offered even less than the first time. The Oxleys reluctantly accepted but they were pretty angered about it---mostly the wife. I spoke with the son of the owner. The original owner is deceased but his former wife is still alive. I asked him if the difference in the price negotiation was anywhere near $118k and he thought it could have been but he wasn't sure. Both of the previous owners had lost children at a very young age. The wife was said to have connections with Israeli Mosel which caught my attention due to the foreign faction mention in the RN. I gave the son a copy of the RN to see if anything sounded familiar to him. His step mom was known for writing long threatening diatribes to family members but he said the handwriting didn't match. I sort of ruled this connection out but it's amazing how many types of possibilities there are in this crime.

More on this that I didn't elaborate publicly. The son told me that Dafna broke up the lengthy marriage of his father and mother. Years later they too got divorced. The sons believe that Dafna Ronn Oxley actually killed their father. She was known for lengthy tirade letters which the family referred to the Dafna Death Diaries. Her brother is said to be an agent for israeli intelligence (mossel?) and she owned an emersion language school where she would take groups of people to other countries for them to learn the language hands on. I think there is a video of her on youtube from their school in Russia. I think she is of israeli desent. His father and she had nearly settled their divorce and they had one last meeting to exchange a vehicle. Right after that meeting his father became violently ill and died shortly thereafter. Then Dafna was able to get the entire estate and the sons were left with nothing. Mr. Oxley was a respected geologist in the oil and gas industry so I had wondered if he might have a connection to Fleet White but never found one. Everyone I spoke with had good things to say about him.
The reason that I even contacted these people was because I was hoping to speak with either Dafna or Mr. Oxley to find out if they truly hired John Steven Gigax to do construction on the home. That is what John Kenady claimed. He said he was invited to see the work that Gigax did on the home and had been inside. To have the back up by the owners would have helped add credibility. Unfortunately the son told his father had passed away. He said he always wondered if there could have been a connection because his step mother was an evil person but after reading the ransom note he just didn't think she wrote it even though she was known to write lengthy threatening letters to family members. I think the moral of the story is that as you dig deeper you find more and more suspicious circumstances in this case. So don't just fall for the first suspect. Keep digging. That's what I did.

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