from the Huffington Post
On Wednesday morning, Weld County Judge Robert Lowenbach ruled that the indictment will be released in response to a lawsuit filed by Daily Camera Reporter Charlie Brennan and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press in September.

The entire document is about 18 pages, The Daily Camera reports, nine of which relate to John and Patsy Ramsey, but it’s unclear how many of those will be released to the public.

“It appears that the District Attorney, presumably acting at the discretion of the grand jury, prepared a series of possible charges regarding John Ramsey and Patricia Ramsey based on the fact that the child had died and that there was evidence that a sexual assault of the child had occurred,” Lowenbach wrote in Wednesday’s ruling.

Earlier in the week, John Ramsey said he opposed the release of the document unless the entire grand jury record was also opened for the public. The judge denied that request on Wednesday.


OK, so the question is - - why would the judge not release the entire grand jury record if the SUSPECT or TARGET is willing to have it all public?  Is it to protect the witnesses?  The case?  Really?  After 20 years?  I personally think it is more to protect the persecutors who intentionally misled the grand jurors.    I am so sorry the jury did not issue a report as they did in the Tawana Brawley case in New York.
John Ramsey would like the entire transcript of the 13 months released. So would Fleet White. I bet there are a lot of people, including many witnesses who went in to talk to the GJ who would like the whole thing public.

Who would not? (And I am not suggested personal or embarrassing information be included, redact those things).

People with secrets. And the persecutors who mistreated certain witnesses while they were on the stand. And false witnesses or those who carried in the "work" of false witnesses under the "hearsay is fine" rule - - hearsay is acceptable in the GJ.

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