DR.OZ 2/7/2017
True Crime Tuesdays: Who Killed JonBenét Ramsey?
Airs 2/07/2017

Shocking new insight into one of the biggest unsolved murders in American history.
 It’s been 20 years since 6-year-old JonBenét Ramsey was murdered.
Today, we take a closer look at new theories surrounding her death.

Guests: Aphrodite Jones , John San Agustin , Elisabeth Leamy
Got this recordered..will watch it later
Ugh, I'm trying to set it to record but can't find it! It says it should be on my local Fox channel at 1pm, but it's not there any time tomorrow. Is it on your local Fox?
Aphrodite Jones posted

Who Killed JonBenét Ramsey?
This is the question I try to answer on a new episode of The Dr. OZ Show that will explore the intruder theory in depth. Along with Colorado investigator John San Augustin, who presents crime-scene photo evidence that supports this theory, I carefully weigh in on the intruder issues being raised.
JonBenét Ramsey was alive on Christmas night when her father, John, took his sleeping six-year-old up to bed. She seemed safe and sound, but at some point she woke up and ate a piece of pineapple. Would JonBenét sit happily with a stranger in the middle of the night? Is it possible someone who was dressed like Santa was able to fool her? Or was a family member awake with her on the night she was murdered?
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When John Ramsey later discovered JonBenét in their basement, bound and strangled to death, he did what most parents would do: He carried his child upstairs in utter shock and disbelief. But how was it that John was the one to find her body? Why did the Boulder PD fail to seal off the crime scene? They allowed John and Patsy Ramsey to walk freely around the house, and this contamination of the scene destroyed the chances of anyone solving the crime.
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According to recent allegations by her brother Burke Ramsey, the public has heard false accusations that put Burke into question as the possible killer. It’s an accusation that has no proof to back it up, but has nonetheless become a hot-button topic. In light of the recent $750 million lawsuit Burke Ramsey filed against CBS for “the permanent damage to his reputation,” Dr. Oz wanted to know my honest opinion about whether or not her brother Burke was somehow involved in the murder.
Was it an intruder who killed JonBenét? Or did one of the three people in the Ramsey house carry out this unspeakable act? Watch Dr. OZ this Tuesday February 7 to see what answers I come up with.
Watch Investigation Discovery’s 3-part special “JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery” with ID GO.
Just saw on the news that dr oz will have another JonBenet special today
Aphrodite spoke first

Crime scene was not treated right, all stuff we know - -

Why do we care about this crime? The brutality, the viciousness - the beauty queen slant - and the fact it has never been solved.

John San Agustin introduced. Investigator on it since the beginning, access to all info, what did he see? This was the worst case he ever saw, the evilness, the guy was a monster. Case shakes a parent to the core. She was strangled but autopsy also says she was stun gunned, twice, sexually assaulted - - and after she was strangled she was hit in the head. The nails marks in her neck prove she struggled to get the cord off. The lack of blood proves the blow to the head came last. The flow of blood to the head was limited.

Aphrodite - BDI theory brings up more questions than answers. She is saying the pineapple theory is that the pineapple was eaten at the time of the murder, Burke was angry and hit her with the flashlight. Burke's prints were on the flashlight that is part of the theory but reminds us prints can't be dated. She speaks about his demeanor on DR. Phil, says being weird doesn't mean you are a killer.

John San Agustin says it is just crazy, nonsense - that you have to look at the evidence. Says a nine year old did not stun gun his sister twice, placed a sophisticated garrote around her neck and strangled her , hit her in the head, sexually assault her - - says it is just makes no sense.

OZ pointed out the apology by Mary Lacy and that Patsy has died.
He also says he doesn't believe Patsy did it. No one asked about John.

Aphrodite starts out saying the DNA was found in several areas on her clothes, under her nails. Said in all those areas the non-Ramsey DNA made her believe in the intruder theory but now that she knows touch DNA doesn't need as much of a sample, she can't see it clearing the family, could be a factory worker.

Kind of a nothing show.
I watched it and thought it was pretty lame. Aprhodite said the flashlight had Burke's prints on it. I thought it had none at all?
There were no prints at all on the batteries and I never heard of any on the outside either.
Link to the show in case you missed it.

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