Linda Mason
Charlevoix friend
Linda Mason met Patsy in Charlevoix and spent time visiting the family in Boulder for extended times. She describes a family that is normal, all-American, loving. But she makes a point to say Patsy always did just a bit more than someone might. Instead of going to school to pick up the kids and waiting in line, Patsy got out of the car to meet the kids, hugging and asking how their day was. She speaks about how both kids were involved in multiple activities and excitement and support was there for both kids.
On the pageants:
"Once I walked into their living room and saw JonBenet in Patsy's lap. They were talking about a contest JonBenet had been in and I asked her, "How did ypu do?" She didn't answer me but looked shyly at her mom. Finally, when Patsy encouraged her to answer, she said simply, "I won," and then hopped down and went outside to play. I had no idea until later that it was the Little Miss Colorado Pageant. Other than that one instance, in all the time I've known them and have been in their home, I have never heard any mention of pageants or competition. It just wasn't a focal point of JonBenet's life and I hate that it has become a focal point of her death."

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