Regina Orlick
Atlanta friend, interviewed by Linda McLean
Regina Orlick told of meeting Patsy at their sons' school. Regina was new to the area and wore jeans to a school meeting - a bad choice and she felt very out of place. Patsy introduced herself and they have been friends since.

"She always thinks of others; she is always willing to give of herself. With all that she's been through, she is still willing to open up and trust other people. She still believes that people, in general, are good." "She is such a good mom. She never raises her voice (like I do). She is patient and kind and fun to be around."

"She is one of the least pretentious people I have ever met; she's so real. There's no phoniness or arrogance about her. Once I saw the kind of person she really is, I thought, "If only people knew this person I have come to know, they would realize that she couldn't be involved with anything like the media implies." I have had friends in New York, who upon learning I am friends with Patsy, have asked me, "Are you sure?" YES, I am absolutely sure about her!!"

"Patsy is a beautiful, unselfish soul. You meet so few people like this in your life. I feel blessed to know her."

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