Marcia Shurley
More from McLean book, an Atlanta friend
Marcia Shurley knows the Ramseys from their lives in Atlanta, starting out in a church group for couples. The met in the 1980's and reconnected after the murder when the Ramseys moved back to Atlanta.

"You just feel better when you are with her. She is always aware of what is going on in others' lives. She is always ready to share the load." " 'Sincerity" is a word that describes her well." "She is the same wonderful person we met over 15 years ago and we would do anything to ease her pain."

"Patsy has a gift of giving. She encourages others to give just by her example. It's like a magical effect. And she never wants the credit. She is selfless, making an effort to include everyone and wanting to give others credit." "She may not be a saint, but she is as close to one as I have seen."

Another friend from church, Mary Justice, shared more about Patsy and her faith, their friendship. Patsy went above and beyond to help Mary when she (Mary)was battling her cancer. She wrote, "I can't believe that anyone would think Patsy could have been involved in any way." and " I believe in her with all my heart and soul."

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