Claudia McCutcheon
Atlanta friend to both John and Patsy
Claudia McCutcheon was married and living in Atlanta with her husband when his sister, Stephanie, and her friend Patsy came for a visit. They introduced the girls to the man living upstairs in the apartment complex - and so John and Patsy met.

"I realize parents are sometimes suspected in cases like this, but I couldn't believe it when some of the media began to take it seriously. The possibility that it would go this far was beyond me. I had faith that the police would soon discover how good these two people are and they would get on with finding the real murderer. But they didn't.
That's why I want to finally speak out. People need to know the truth. For too many months, people have only heard one side. It is so frustrating. The truth doesn't sell newspapers. So I just have to say I would give all that I own for the world to know that these wonderful, unselfish people could not have been involved in any way. They are good people. They are good friends."

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