Patsy's sister, Paulette
Paulette is called Polly by her sisters and her letter to Linda is a sweet peek into Patsy's tween years. Polly speaks of Nedra putting her three girls in the car, making a round of Senior Centers where the girls would perform. If Polly was old enough to have an act with a "talking dog", Patsy would have been 10-12 years old. Patsy would dance, Pam would sing and Polly had the animal act. Natural entertainers, comfortable in front of all kinds of people, these people enjoyed making others smile.

She notes the time when the family faced Patsy's serious cancer fight, tells how it was Patsy comforting her, telling Polly everything would be OK, to have faith.

She describes Patsy as a "wonderful mother and aunt, a best friend."

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