Judy Mason Schoch
childhood friend of Patsy
From Linda McLean's book.

Judy Mason Schoch met Patsy in the fourth grade and ended up growing up with her - went to college together, joined the same sorority. He is someone who knew Patsy well. Said Patsy was a "nice person", "not the least bit stuck up", "sweet and a little corny".

This is the last paragraph in her interview:

It is agony to see a friend of yours go through something like this -- to deal with such a tragedy and then all of the publicity.... people talking, accusing, drawing their own conclusions without knowing the facts. I hate to go to the grocery store because of the junk printed about the Ramseys. I hope P-Paugh feels my thoughts and prayers -- that's all I can give her at this time. Except that I can publicly proclaim my absolute faith in the wonderful little girl, the loyal high school teammate, the college sister, the faithful college survivor and the terrific mother I know as my friend, P-Paugh!"

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