Debbie Shepler Krieg
Next is a bit from Patsy's cousin, Debbie Shepler Krieg. She starts out talking about how close she was to Patsy, Polly and Pam, about their very normal and happy childhood together. She and Patsy were especially close since they were born just weeks apart. This is what she has to say about Patsy:

"...she was fair and generous and loving with everyone she met. She didn't get angry -- or gossip -- or hold a grudge -- or wish ill will to anyone. Everyone loved Patsy because she was just plain good! And she's the same today as she was then. I am not saying this because of the book. I am repeating what I have said many, many times: Patsy is the best and kindest person I have ever known."
Cousin Debbie shared more memories in Linda McLean's book that I will not not post here, suffice it to say they are common memories found in large and loving families. But there are a few lines I will post.

"John Ramsey was a gentle father. Patsy was a patient mother. I never saw either of them yell or raise a hand to their children. Both parents hugged their children and weren't afraid to show or express affection with names like "sweetie". When the kids did something wrong, Patsy would sit down and talk about it. She would say quietly but firmly, "We don't do that." And then she would explain why not."

"I don't remember either child having a temper tantrum. They weren't perfect, of course. Burke was aggravated when JonBenet would get in front of the television and she would pester him like siblings do, but he never really got mad and you could tell he really cared for her."

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