Susan Storck Ross
From interview with Linda Mclean
.. from Susan Storck Ross. Patsy's mother, Nedra, worked for Susan's father. She grew up knowing Nedra and spoke about visiting with Nedra after the murder, after all JonBenet's family had been vilified in the press.
"I recently had lunch with Nedra. She worries about her daughter and wishes Patsy would rest more. She talked about John lovingly, as though he was a son, not just a son-in-law. We remembered how it was over 40 years ago and wondered why things had to happen as they do. Her hands were gnarled from arthritis but she still had that beautiful smile thaat I remembered so well. I cried for her, for all that she has had to face and for what is yet to come." Susan spoke of her own loss of a son, and then said, "'s beyond my comprehension to think that the media would hound the Ramseys and the Paughs during their grief. It's beyond my understanding how reporters can attack and try to destroy other members of the family. I know in my heart that they are wonderful people and I send them my prayers."

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