Full Videos of house after murder
From Paula Woodward:






Can we find out when these were made? The trees seem bigger and the noises in the house may indicate the house had been sold and was being remodeled.
On one of the videos, he says June 5th, 2000. I think it is the voice of Lou Smidt?
n the house being a maze:

04-18-2000 Steve Thomas, "JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation"
Page 57:

"John Andrew also buttressed the comments of the housekeeper's husband, Mervin Pugh, and former nanny Suzanne Savage about the house being difficult to navigate. "You don't know your way around real easy right off the bat....You have to open lots of doors. It was lots of ups and downs,' and the basement entrance was hard to find. It was becoming very clear to the police just how difficult it would have been for any stranger to get to that distance basement storage room."

jameson comment - Well, I spent time in the house and admit it could be confusing at first. But when you understand there is the kitchen and then a circle of rooms around the kitchen , it wasn't hard at all to find your way. From the kitchen you could see the back hall, look out the kitchen window and see the roof to the butler's pantry. turn around and there was the door to the breakfast nook and the formal dining room was clearly visible. The front door is visible and it isn't hard to remember the living room would be to the right leading into the sun room and formal dining room. all that's left is the little hall linking the front hall to the butler's kitchen. The stairs are in the front and back hallways. Just about everything can be seen or pointed to from the kitchen and, in return, finding the kitchen was easy from all those rooms.

As for the "distant storage room" in the basement, the door was clearly visible from the bottom of the basement stairs.

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