JonBenet Ramsey-Labyrinth of Lies

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JonBenet Ramsey

By 1996, John Ramsey had become a highly successful owner of a software company.  His second wife, Patsy, was an at home mother of two, Burke and JonBenet.  She was also, by that time, in remission from ovarian cancer. Patsy had been a beauty queen in her youth and she zealously promoted her gorgeous young daughter in child beauty pageants.  By the time she was six, JonBenet had won dozens and dozens of titles.  Many who had known her had commented that her poise was remarkable for one so young.
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JonBenet and Patsy-Chemo and compassion

Housekeeper Linda Hoffman Pugh described JonBenet as being the only sunshine in the house but also noted that both she and brother Burke were chronic bed wetters. JonBenet wanted to be a pediatrician when she grew up, perhaps because she spent so much time at her pediatrician’s office.  She had been there thirty three times over the last three and a half years.  The pediatrician had told Boulder P.D. that this was “not excessive”. He had never seen at any time any evidence of abuse.  Of course medical records are confidential but someone claimed to know that JonBenet was experiencing chronic yeast infections.
December 23, 1996
On December 23rd, the Ramseys had hosted a Christmas party at their home. The elite of Boulder were there although the guest list has never been revealed. John’s company, Access Graphics, had been purchased by Lockheed Martin prior to 1996. Surely, many Lockheed executives were there that night. Lockheed has many military contracts, so one might assume that some military clients were in attendance and perhaps a few local government officials.  John’s company was a major employer in Colorado. There was one peculiarity that evening.  Someone at the Ramsey home had placed a call to 911 at 6:47 p.m.but they hung up without speaking.   Police called back but got voice mail so a car was dispatched.  The responding officer was assured that there was nothing wrong and he left.  Later on, it was speculated that dear friend Fleet White had been using the Ramsey phone in order to arrange for a prescription. Somehow, he had dialed 911.  Others speculated that John had dialed.  The suspected objective, in either case, was to test the emergency response time, surely an intriguing hypothesis.
Boulder, Colorado  Christmas Day 1996
It was right around midnight when a single piercing scream of a little girl shocked one of the Ramsey neighbors awake. She thought the scream came from the Ramsey home and thought it sounded like JonBenet.  But when she failed to hear anything further she fell back asleep.  A second neighbor wondered about the strange lights in the Ramsey kitchen late that night.   No one in the Ramsey home heard the scream.  Sometime later, the neighbor recanted saying that she thought the scream may have been from a day or two prior. Mrs Ramsey wakened around 5:00 a.m. and left her third floor bedroom to go downstairs to start the coffee brewing in the kitchen.  The family was to leave early that morning for their Christmas vacation.  She reached the staircase and was puzzled by the sight of three pages of notebook paper sitting at the bottom of the stairs.  She bent over to read….”Mr. Ramsey, listen carefully”, the note began.  “We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction…At this time, we have your daughter in our possession.”  She ran up to JonBenet’s room and saw that she wasn’t there.  At approximately 5:52 a.m., Patsy phoned 9-1-1. Her heavily labored breathing indicated pure, unbridled panic.  Boulder police responded promptly.
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Ransom Letter

Inexplicable Behaviors
John Ramsey had already summoned his pastor and several close friends including Fleet White to the house.  All were permitted to wander about the home freely.  Patsy sequestered herself in the sun room away from John.  She wept with  her  hands over her face.  One of the detectives was unnerved by the way Patsy stared at him through splayed fingers,.  Unbeknownst to the detective,he and Patsy were positioned directly over the spot in the basement where Jon Benet would be found later that day. The officers on scene made no effort to contain the family and visitors.  This was an automatic, and possibly deliberate,  contamination of a crime scene; a pure gift to any future legal defense team no matter who the suspect might be. Boulder P.D. made a cursory examination of the house and then left, presumably to prepare for the pending ransom call.  The FBI had been contacted and had been requested to arrange a phone tap. The note stated that there would be a call to the Ramseys between eight and ten a.m. to arrange for the ransom delivery but a call never came.
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Linda Arndt

One lone detective, Linda Arndt, was instructed to remain with the Ramseys and their guests,   This poor woman was soon to be treated to the creep show to end all creep shows. After the deadline for the ransom call had passed , Detective Arndt  made several phone calls to Boulder P.D. because she needed assistance in controlling the movements of the people inside.  She was told that everyone was in a meeting.   Ms. Arndt was struck by the complete lack of reaction by either parent as the deadline for contact by the kidnappers passed. As eleven a.m. went by, then twelve, then one p.m., Linda could stand it no longer.  She instructed John Ramsey and his best friend, Fleet White, to conduct another search of the house.  She instructed them not to touch or to move anything. John made a beeline to the basement followed by Fleet.  She heard John scream and Fleet call for an ambulance.  Seconds later, John came up from the basement carrying an obviously dead JonBenet.  Her remains already bore the faint smell of decomposition.  He held her at her waist, her body stiff with rigor mortis.  So much for preserving a crime scene. It should be noted here that John Ramsey’s adult son from his first marriage, John Andrew, was interviewed by police.  John Andrew recalled that his father told him that day that JonBenet’s body had been found at 11:00 a.m.   Detective Arndt had reported that John Ramsey had left the house for about an hour  right around 10:00 a.m.
Hopelessly Compromised Crime Scene
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John Ramsey

Not only had John Ramsey picked up the body, carried it through the basement and up into the house, but he had also pulled off duct tape that covered her mouth, loosened the cord that was wrapped around one wrist, and removed her from a blanket that she was wrapped in. Where, one wonders, was John Ramsey’s brain that morning?  Or had he deliberately tampered with evidence to protect the murderer?  And was John the murderer?
Tragic Losses
JonBenet was the second of John’s daughters to die in youth.  His daughter, Elizabeth, from his first marriage had died at age twenty two in a car accident.   Ramsey’s housekeeper thought it strange that John kept a photo album of Elizabeth in his personal bathroom.  The housekeeper had said a lot of things.
The Police Return
A dead body?  Well, that;s a horse of a different color.  Suddenly, all those Boulder Police Officers and Detectives who were too busy having their meeting suddenly found time to rush back over to the Ramsey’s.  The coroner, however,  didn’t swing by until  8:00 p.m. and then he stayed only a few minutes.  JonBenet was finally transported to the morgue around 9:30 p.m. Years later during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Ramsey would describe the moment of finding JonBenet “a relief and a horror at the same time”.  A relief?  In what way could any of that have possibly been a relief ?
Part 2:  Pin the Tail on the Patsy
From the comments that followed

November 2, 2015 at 9:10 pm
Appreciate the commentary-certainly interesting and heartfelt. That said, I respectfully suggest that you read the other 6 of my articles. This tracks back to Alabama….I concur with the list of those complicit, including Steve Thomas and Fleet White jr., John Mark Karr..possibly the others on your list, nut only possibly. Arndt and Eller were both unceremoniously dumped from their jobs. They would have been the most likely to “sing” if they knew more. The Ramsey case tracks back to people originally from Alabama who relocated to No Florida. I doubt hat we will find Jack Tarrance in this chain of people, but thank you for your interesting theory none the less.. I have tracked down the person who physically wrote the note. Karr may have authored the note, but he did not murder JBR as he claimed. He was coerced in to coming forward with his “confession”. His correspondence with Tracy reveals that he was unaware of the stun gun (or cattle prod) marks on her face and back which shows that he was not a participant on scene. He was, however, a participant in the planning of the murder. His job, I suspect, was to introduce the concept of “accidental” in to the narrative. His reward for the role he played in conveying this message was that the child porn charges against him in California were dropped after all the evidence was “lost”.
onBenet Ramsey-Labyrinth of Lies Pt 2
Patsy Ramsey
Patsy Ramsey

To recap from the introductory article, “Labyrinth of Lies” , the crime scene was hopelessly compromised by:

First responders from Boulder P.D. failing to check the windowless corner basement room where the body lay
Boulder P.D. departing, after a cursory residence walk through leaving just one detective, Linda Arndt, on the premises to await the ransom call with no police radio
A large contingent of Ramsey invited visitors who had free rein to walk around the house and yard with neither supervision nor restriction
John being allowed to drop out of sight between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.
John moving the corpse from the cellar up to the first floor
John removing duct tape from JonBenet’s mouth
John removing a blanket that the body laid upon, parts of which had been folded over the corpse creating a “papoose” effect
John loosening one of the two wrist bindings
And, oh yes, by Patsy throwing herself over JonBenet’s body as soon as John laid her down on the floor….and oh yes, by Detective Arndt picking JonBenet up from there and laying her under the Christmas tree. Seriously, this was a farce. (foolish show; mockery; a ridiculous sham.).

From this point forward, a trial, even the thought of “the State of Colorado vs murderer X ” was as dead as JonBenet. The perpetrator wouldn’t need an F Lee Bailey to skate out of this. This be a slam dunk, even for a one eyed public defender.

Jon Benet

The Ransom Note
Full Ransom Note
Full Ransom Note

“Mr. Ramsey,

Listen carefully! We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction. We respect your business but not the country that it serves. At this time we have your daughter in our possession. She is safe and unharmed, and if you want her to see 1997, you must follow our instructions to the letter.

You will withdraw $118,000 from your account. $100,000 will be in $100 bills and the remaining $18,000 in $20 bills. Make sure that you bring an adequate size attaché to the bank. When you get home you will put the money in a brown paper bag. I will call you between 8 and 10 a.m. tomorrow to instruct you on delivery.

The delivery will be exhausting so I advise you to be rested. If we monitor you getting the money early, we might call you early to arrange an earlier delivery of the money and hence an earlier pickup of your daughter.

Any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter. You will also be denied her remains for proper burial. The two gentlemen watching over your daughter do not particularly like you so I advise you not to provoke them.

Speaking to anyone about your situation such as police or F.B.I. will result in your daughter being beheaded. If we catch you talking to a stray dog, she dies. If you alert bank authorities, she dies. If the money is in anyway marked or tampered with, she dies. You will be scanned for electronic devices and if any are found, she dies.

You can try to deceive us, but be warned we are familiar with law enforcement counter-measures and tactics. You stand a 99 percent chance of killing your daughter if you try to outsmart us. Follow our instructions and you stand a 100 percent chance of getting her back.

You and your family are under constant scrutiny, as well as the authorities. Don’t try to grow a brain, John. You are not the only fat cat around so don’t think that killing will be difficult. Don’t underestimate us John. Use that good southern common sense of yours. It’s up to you now, John. Victory! S. B.T.C Use that good, sense of yours. It’s up to you now, John”

It sounds like it is lifted from a grade B novel. It is long, rambling and ridiculous. Police have always theorized that the killer sat and calmly penned that red herring after slaying JonBenet. He/She/They have just garroted a six year old child, cracked her skull in half and sexually abused her in her own home with three other family members upstairs. He/She/They stop and write a wordy, rambling ransom note for a dead child. Cool, cool cucumbers.

The pad that it was torn from was found in a kitchen drawer. The public was told that there was evidence of a practice note left in the pad. The Sharpie was there among some other pens. Patsy Ramsey had acknowledged to police that the pad and the Sharpie were hers.

Most of us don’t use the word “hence” very often, if at all. “Therefore” is what most of us seem to prefer. The ransom note contains the rarely used “hence” and the housekeeper, Linda Hoffman Pugh, was quick to point out to Boulder P.D. that Patsy not only used the word “hence” with some frequency but she also used exclamation points in her letters and notes. Patsy had also been overheard telling John to “grow a brain” from time to time.

There was also the problem of the $118,000 ransom. John was far, far wealthier than that. It was an oddly low amount but worse, it matched the bonus check that he received five days earlier. Who would have known that?

Experts brought in to analyze the note agreed that it had been written by a woman. A man would have written something short and to the point. They also agreed that the writer must have felt that they had plenty of time. In the end the consensus was that the writer was female, had had a good education, and was likely thirty five to forty years old (Patsy had just turned forty the month before and she was well educated).

P’s and Q’s
Patsy's Writing Sample
Patsy’s Writing Sample

Patsy and dozens of other potential suspects were asked to submit handwriting samples. Handwriting experts concluded that the closest match was Patsy Ramsey. She scored an overall 72% probability of being the author of the ransom note. The fact that the legal pad that it was torn from was found in her kitchen drawer raised that to a 99.99999%. Obviously.

Odds and Ends
The Ramsey family had returned from dinner at close friend Fleet White’s home on the 25th at approximately 9:30 p.m. JonBenet had fallen asleep in the back seat of the car as had nine year old brother Burke. Both were carried to their respective rooms and placed in their beds.

John awoke first the following morning and he showered. Patsy got out of bed around 5:30 a.m, dressed and went down the spiral staircase which led to the kitchen. The three page note was spread out at the bottom of those stairs.

Patsy Ramsey had answered the door for police a little after 6 a.m. They noted that her hair was combed, she was wearing full makeup and was dressed in black velvet pants and a red top. This is what she had been wearing the previous evening. They thought that suspicious, wondering if she had actually been up all night.

There was a bowl of pineapple sitting in a bowl on the table in the breakfast nook The autopsy revealed that there was pineapple in JonBenet’s small intestine. How did it get there? Who fed her pineapple after she had been placed in her bed? Did someone wake her up and walk her downstairs?

Boulder P.D. found no signs of forcible entry to the house, however there was a broken, unlocked window in the basement under a grate which was large enough for an adult to fit through. There were also two first floor windows open very slightly, just enough to accommodate electrical cord that connected to exterior Christmas lights.

There was a Mag-lite flashlight sitting on the kitchen counter. John’s older son, John Andrew, had given it to John as a gift. It was clean of any fibers and hair as well as fingerprints and was suspected of creating the odd shaped hole and massive fracture in JonBenet’s skull.

The Ramseys hired a top notch legal team almost immediately. They also appeared on several television interview programs and held their own press conferences. From that point forward, Boulder P.D. played hardball and the Ramseys played extreme defense.

The Body
JonBenet was found laying on her back, duct tape covered her mouth; arms were stretched up and back, hands resting above her head. She was deep into rigor mortis and smelled of decomposition. Someone had drawn a vague heart shape in faint red pen on one of her palms, laid her on a blanket and folded the blanket over her “papoose style”. The white top that she had worn to Fleet White’s house was still on the body but the bottoms were different. The bottoms had been changed before JonBenet was tucked in by her parents. The underpants she was wearing were several sizes too big for her and were stained with urine and what looked like blood.

JonBenet-garroteWhite cord wrapped tightly around her neck connected to a peculiar garrote fashioned out of one of Patsy’s paint brushes. Both ends of the paint brush had been broken off. The brush end was found in Patsy’s art supply tray which was on the basement floor. Small wood splinters were found right next to the tray, confirming that the garrote had been made that night and in that spot. The tip end of the brush was never found.

It was not readily apparent but JonBenet had been dealt a sharp, powerful, single blow to the top rear of her head. There was a hole in her skull and a fracture more than eight inches long. On a six year old, that is most of their skull. This was the work of a vicious psychopath.

JonBenet skull fracture
JonBenet skull fracture

The Autopsy
The cause of death was ruled to be strangulation by garrote accompanied by a sharp force blow to the head by an unknown object. Traces of pineapple were found in the small intestine. The cord around the neck was extremely tight and had dug a deep furrow all the way around the entire circumference of the neck. There was some bleeding under the scalp but swelling in the tissue, as well as the brain itself, was minimal.

There was some evidence of recent sexual contact of an ambiguous nature. Evidence of rape was not noted, yet the autopsy identified hyperemia around her vagina extending slightly into the vaginal orifice. Medical Definition of HYPEREMIA: excess of blood in a body part (as from an increased flow of blood due to vasodilation) : congestion

A small abrasion was noted at the 7 o’clock position of the same area. Small amounts of blood were notated in the vagina and small areas of dry blood were adhered to the labia minor. No source for the blood was identified in the autopsy….blood, but no wound.

Patsy Ramsey
Patsy Ramsey

Pin the Tail on the Patsy
There was one more poignant, and potentially damning, detail. JonBenet’s favorite pink night gown, which had been sitting in the basement dryer, was on the floor next to her. Surely, no intruder would know which item in the dryer was JonBenet’s favorite.

It wasn’t long before Boulder P.D. made it obvious that they had one, and only one, suspect in mind. The prevailing theory within Boulder P.D. was that JonBenet had wet her bed. Her enraged mother struck her in the head, possibly with one of JonBenet’s trophies.

The killing was accidental and the frantic mother rushed the body to the basement, staged the strangulation and sex abuse, then sat down and composed the torturously long ransom note, With no sign of a break in, a 72% handwriting match to the ransom note, the match between John’s bonus and the $118,000 ransom, the favorite pink nightie on the floor next to her, the red “heart” on the palm……

It was time, ladies and gentlemen, to pin the tail on the Patsy.
onBenet Ramsey-Labyrinth of Lies Part 3

John and Patsy Ramsey
John and Patsy Ramsey

The Worm Turns
There was ferocious tension between Boulder P.D. and the District Attorney’s office. Boulder P.D. wanted to indict the Ramseys but the D.A. needed an iron clad case to compensate for what happened at the outset. John’s crime scene shenanigans had gifted the prosecution with a vast and desolate lake of crackling thin ice . Slick… so, so slick. Boulder P.D. had been inept and John had turned that ineptitude into a wrecking ball against the prosecution. Nicely played, everyone.

It wasn’t long before the D.A.’s office placed a very public vote of no confidence on its own police department. In March of 1997 the D.A. asked famed cold case detective Lou Smit to come out of retirement to lend his expertise to the JonBenet case. If the Ramseys were guilty, Lou could nail them. Lou went to work sifting through the files and visiting the crime scene. It wasn’t long before Smit had found a rasher of clues that Boulder P.D. had overlooked as well as a small parade of outright lies that had been leaked to the media.

Footprints in the Snow
Boulder P.D. demonstrated a consistent pattern of feeding the media half truths, outright lies, and innuendos. The first of these was their assertion that there was snow all over the ground, yet there were no footprints in the snow. Therefore, there were no intruders. In fact, all the paved walkways circling the house were completely free of snow.

They also let it leak to the press that they were going to do an intensive examination of all Ramsey personal computers in an effort to locate pornography. There was no pornography found of any kind, yet dark suspicion had been planted in the public’s mind.

Steve Thomas, lead detective for Boulder P.D. then released a bomb telling the press that the prosecution’s theory was that JonBenet had once again wet her bed, gone upstairs to waken her mother, and in a fit of rage born from holiday pressure and exhaustion, Patsy had struck her child in the head and accidentally killed her. In some mindless panic, the mother then scribbled a ransom note, fashioned the garrote from one of her paint brushes, staged the strangulation and for extra good measure, jabbed her daughter in her privates so as to implicate a male perpetrator.

Apparently, Patsy had failed to consider that her dead daughter’s corpse left in the basement would completely negate the three page ransom note that she had just so craftily penned. Her deviousness, it would seem, only went so far. The coldhearted snake of a mother didn’t have the sense to load her dead child into the trunk of her car and head for a forest.

Had this scenario ever gone to trial, defense would have been pointed out that there was no swelling under the scalp and relatively little blood in the cranium, indicating that JonBenet was either already dead or very close to death, at the time of the blow to the head. The type of injury that she had received from the blow to her head should have caused so much vein and capillary damage that the blood would have leaked from her nose and her eyes. As previously stated, the coroner did not realize that there was anything wrong with the skull until he peeled back the scalp at autopsy.

Furthermore, JonBenet’s sheets were dry. Thomas and his team had to have known that they were dry. How, one wonders, could Steve Thomas have been so utterly unscrupulous?

The Basement Grate
Grate Over Basement Window Access
Grate Over Basement Window Access

Smit quickly found evidence that a locked basement window had been approached, tried, and abandoned. Just around the corner from that window was the grate which gave access to another basement window. When Smit lifted the grate, he must have smiled at what he saw.

There was vegetation growing along the edge of the grate that had been dragged inward and had became pinched between the grate and the support lip indicating that someone had recently lifted the grate and slid down into the well.

Pinched Foliage Under Grate
Example of Pinched Foliage Under a Grate

Down in the well, dirt, leaves and debris had clearly been recently disturbed. The center window was broken and slightly open. Dust on the outer sill clearly had been disturbed Boulder P.D. had discounted this window as being the point of entry for an intruder stating that no adult could have fit through it. However, an average height and weight Lou Smit had no trouble fitting through that window and dropping into the basement.

Basement Window Under Grate
Basement Access Under the Grate
Basement Access Under the Grate

Basement Floor Plan
Floorplan of Ramsey Basement
Floorplan of Ramsey Basement

Boulder P.D. did not seem to have any curiosity about this; evidence of a hand coming through the basement window

Unknown Hand
Unknown Hand

Clues in a Guest Bedroom
2nd Floor
2nd Floor

JonBenet’s room (top left) is colored pink . There is a bathroom next to her room that belongs to the guest room. John Ramsey’s older son, John Andrew, from his first marriage used that room whenever he visited. Both John Andrew and his full sister Melinda were already in Michigan waiting for John, Patsy and their half siblings to join them.

Drawers and cupboards in the guest bathroom were hanging open, a dirty rope was sitting on the floor near the closet. When Smit studied police photographs of this room, he was struck by something everyone else had ignored. His eyes stopped at the bed skirt. This is what he saw:

JonBenet Guest Room
JonBenet Guest Room

The very bottom of the right edge of the bed skirt looks uniformly tucked inward. The foot of the bed shows an area in the front corner that is pushed outward. The room itself is only a few feet away from JonBenet’s room and it sits over the garage. This would be the perfect location to wait for the returning family. As for the rope, no one knew where it had come from.

Rope from guest room floor
Rope from guest room floor

Smit’s Shocking Discovery-The Thin Blue Line
There was no sign of struggle in JonBenet’s room. Detectives reasoned that if JonBenet had been put to bed immediately upon return to the home at 9:30 p.m., she must have been taken from her room by someone she knew and trusted. There were many items on top of the dresser which was positioned very close to the bed. Nothing had been knocked over, nothing was disturbed. She had either climbed out of bed and voluntarily gone downstairs with someone or she was carried downstairs by someone she trusted (ie. her father)

The autopsy had identified two small markings on JonBenet’s back but gave no indication as to what could have caused them. Smit noticed that these two marks were the same distance apart as similar marks on the right side of JonBenet’s neck. To satisfy a strong suspicion, he had a close up enlargement made of the marks on her back. And there it was….he was right. Here is what he found, a faint, thin blue line:

Autopsy-Marks on Back
Autopsy-Marks on Back

And this is what made those marks

Stun Gun
Stun Gun

Smit presented his discovery to the Boulder P.D. They, in turn, consulted with highly respected pathologist Dr. Michael Doberson of the Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office. When they emerged from the meeting, they told the press that the esteemed Dr. Doberson did not concur that the marks were from a stun gun. Once again, Boulder P.D. was concocting a fiction to poison public perception. What Dr. Doberson had said was that he could not verify that the marks were caused by a stun gun or not because he had no weapon to match the wounds to.

Smit subsequently brought an Air Taser 1000 stun gun over to Dr. Doberson. After comparing the distance between the two electrical nodes of the stun gun to the distance between the marks on JonBenet’s back, he was able to confirm that she had been subjected to a stun gun at least twice the night she died! Smit was ready now to go suspect hunting, and it wasn’t the Ramseys.

It was right about this time in May of 1998 that the Governor named a special prosecutor, Michael Kane. Smit suddenly found himself locked out from the Murder Office that the D.A. had set up for him. There would be no suspect hunting unless the suspect was named Ramsey no matter what the evidence.

Michael Kane-Special Prosecutor
Deputy District Attorney Michael Kane

Age: 47

Michael Kane was hired by the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office in May 1998 to help weigh whether a grand jury investigation would further the Ramsey case. A graduate of the University of Colorado School of Law, Kane worked for seven years in the Denver District Attorney’s Office. He also served as chief deputy attorney general in Pennsylvania, worked as an assistant U.S. Attorney and, just prior to this, was the deputy secretary for enforcement in the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Kane made a name for himself in 1984 by securing the conviction of a Denver man who murdered his girlfriend’s 9-year-old daughter. There were no eyewitnesses to the crime and the murder weapon was never found. In 1991, he convinced a Pennsylvania grand jury to indict a mother for the murder of her child, a killing that initially had been ruled an accident. The woman later pleaded guilty to third-degree murder. Not surprisingly, Kane’s forte seemed to be winning convictions with scanty evidence. By August, prosecutors announced their intention to use a grand jury and, under Kane’s direction, the panel began hearing evidence Sept. 15.

Snake in a Suit Tries to Set Up Kangaroo Court
Not only was Lou Smit locked out of the Murder Office, he was slapped with a lawsuit from Kane demanding that Smit turn over all evidence and leads that he had developed. Kane also petitioned the court that Smit’s evidence be destroyed. In February of 1999, Kane denied Smit permission to present evidence to the grand jury! Smit was able to prevail in court with the end result that he kept all of his materials and he did present his evidence to the grand jury. Smit also released all of the police photos which up to this time had been kept from the public. According to Smit, he had never done that before in all his illustrious career but he was disgusted and infuriated with what he felt was a railroading of two innocent parents. He had resigned from the D.A.’s office fearing that his continued presence there would imply that he had agreed with the indictment that was sure to come.

Grand Jury Indictment
“The indictment on child abuse resulting in death, when charged as “knowingly or recklessy,” is a Class II felony in Colorado that carries a sentence of four to 48 years. The statute of limitations on that charge in Colorado is three years from the date of the crime. The vote for the indictment was in October of 1999, over two months before the statute of limitations would have taken effect.

Then D.A. Alex Hunter refused to sign the indictment, presumably because he did not believe there was sufficient evidence to win a courtroom conviction. There is no doubt that the completely botched crime scene would have enabled the defense to put up strong resistance to any allegations advanced by the prosecution.

On the other hand, in refusing to sign the indictment, Hunter did not follow the Colorado statute governing grand jury practices. The statute stipulates that “every indictment shall be signed” by the foreman of the grand jury and the prosecuting attorney. As University of Colorado Law School Professor Mimi Wesson told the Daily Camera, the proper legal procedure would have been for Hunter to sign the indictment — also known as a true bill — file it with the court and then move in open court to dismiss the charges. “That would be the more transparent and responsible course, in my opinon,” she said.” source: The Boulder Daily Camera

The indictment which the D.A. refused to sign was kept from the public until 2013. It read:

“On or between Dec. 25 and Dec. 26, 1996 in Boulder County, Colo., John Bennett Ramsey did unlawfully, knowingly, recklessly and feloniously permit a child to be unreasonably placed in a situation which posed a threat of injury to the child’s life or health, which resulted in the death of JonBenet Ramsey, a child under the age of sixteen.


On or between Dec. 25 and Dec. 26, 1996 in Boulder County, Colo., John Bennett Ramsey did unlawfully, knowingly and feloniously render assistance to a person, with intent to hinder, delay and prevent the discovery, detention, apprehension, prosecution, conviction and punishment of such person for the commission of a crime, knowing the person being assisted has committed and was suspected of the crime of Murder in the First Degree and Child Abuse Resulting in Death:”
onBenet Ramsey-Labyrinth of Lies-Part 4[Image: jonbenet-justice.jpg?w=283&h=161]

Turning a Blind Eye Is Not the Same Thing As Justice
Boulder P.D. continued to remain fixated on the Ramseys no matter what they were presented with.  Evidence to the contrary was often ignored.  There was no evidence of forced entry,   therefore there was no intruder.  Period.
Never mind that prison inmates teach one another the fine art of lock picking and never mind that the Ramseys had loaned spare house keys out freely to housekeepers, handymen, friends and construction workers.  And never mind that every time a person leaves their car keys with a valet, they risk that impressions of their entire set of  keys can be made so that duplicates can be cut later.
The D.A.’s office under special prosecutor Michael Kane even sought to suppress, confiscate and destroy Lou Smit’s exculpatory evidence.   People who thought they had very pertinent information regarding non-Ramsey suspects complained that they had placed as many as twenty calls in to various Boulder P.D. personnel but never received a call back.  The same complaint was made against the FBI.
To be fair, Boulder P.D. did not sit on its hands   They did investigate hundreds of people and collected writing samples, hair samples, and DNA samples.   They did.  And to be fair, the Ramseys seemed to go out of their way to make themselves  suspect.  Their behavior was often quite strange, quite curious.
Many years later, it was revealed that Boulder was taking direction from the FBI.  In essence, the FBI. became their handler.  JonBenet had been the only murder in Boulder that entire year.  But then, it depends upon one’s definition of murder (part 5).
Suddenly, these people were dealing with a heavily scrutinized high profile case complete with media frenzy.  When the FBI. told them to go with the stats that show the vast majority of child deaths are at the hands of a parent Boulder closed their eyes to everything else.   Justice, in order to be justice,  should be blind to all save the preponderance of the evidence which must be carefully and thoughtfully weighed.   These people made up their minds the very first day and spent the rest of their time trying to make the clues fit a fore drawn conclusion.
One Simple Fallacy
Officially, there was one theory and one theory only; that Patsy Ramsey had killed her daughter accidentally with a blow to the head.  The ransom note, the garrote and the vaginal trauma were all part of a desperate staging by Patsy Ramsey (and possibly John) in an effort to point away from themselves.
But if your child is dead because you killed them, accidentally or not, and you know that the body is in the  house, would you sit down and calmly write a three page ransom note?  Knowing that you have just killed your child and you have coldly decided that your diversionary theme of the day was going to be bondage with a hint of sexual abuse perpetrated by a murderous pedophile intruder, of what possible use is a three page ransom note from a “small foreign faction”???   If you aren’t going to dispose of the body well off premises, what is the purpose of a ransom note?  And if you are going to stage an intruder/pedophile scenario, why bother with a garroting?
False Premise
According to the official theory, and accepting for a moment the notion of a staging by the parents, the blow to the head MUST HAVE COME FIRST because all else belongs to the staging which followed the fatal strike to the head  Without this sequence, the prosecution would never be able to successfully pin the tail on the Patsy .  The head blow had to come first.
[Image: jonbenet-nail-marks-autopsy.png?w=361&h=176]
Nail Marks and Stun Gun

But here lies the problem;  the autopsy noted that there was a small quantity of JonBenet’s own skin cells under her nails.  Just above the cord that was deeply embedded in her neck, there were tiny scratches, little half moons.  This means that she had not yet received that terrible blow to her head.  Had the head blow come first, she would have been unconscious and could not have screamed and she could not have clawed at the cord.   She did both of these things.  She was quite conscious throughout all of that torture   As Lou Smit had advised, the blow to the head had followed the garroting.  This was a vicious murder, not a cover up of an accidental blow to the head by a parent, and not a kidnap attempt.
The policy that the FBI promoted to Boulder PD was to go with the odds, the stats,  At this point, the impossible became possible.  The statistics support the murder being at the hands of a parent.  Anything to the contrary had to be ignored and/or suppressed.  Otherwise why try to confiscate and destroy Lou Smit’s evidence?  Why neglect to return calls from people who were trying to provide additional information and clues?  The fix was in courtesy of the FBI and an inexperienced and perhaps controlled local homicide division.
The Favorite Pink Nightgown
[Image: jonbenet-pink-nightgown-e1424939633723.jpg?w=300&h=215]
Static Cling

JonBenet’s favorite pink nightgown was on the wine cellar floor  along with the white blanket. Psychologists felt that this implicated the mother.  Who else would know which nightgown was JonBenet’s favorite?  Who else would place it there with JonBenet?
Why didn’t the FBI. go with the odds on this one?  The blanket had been left in a dryer along with other laundry.  The presence of the night gown was most likely just a result of static cling.  A frenzied murderer and a very dark room,  the killer never even noticed that the nightgown was stuck to the blanket.   Yet early reports spun this to further implicate the mother.
DNA=“Do Not Analyze‘.
In Boulder, DNA must stand for “Do Not Analyze‘.  When you have two minuscule  spots of blood, analyze one and don’t bother with the other.  There were two very tiny spots of dried blood on  JonBenet’s under pants.   Boulder decided to test for DNA on just one of them There wasn’t enough DNA in spot number one to get a full profile.  Are we to think that Boulder investigators could not reason that the second spot should be tested as well?  For whatever reason, they did not test the second spot in 1997.
Nothing further was done with the DNA until 2003 when an attorney noticed that the second tiny blood spot had never been tested.   As a result of this testing of spot two, the DNA of a Caucasian male was found and it did not match any Ramseys. Seven long years  had passed since the murder of JonBenet; seven long years of focusing only on the parents of JonBenet.   At last, there was a DNA suspect profile that could be entered in the FBI’s national DNA database.   To this day, curiously, no match has been found.  But it wasn’t from the Ramseys.  There had been an intruder after all.
There was quite a lot of fiber evidence left at the scene.    Fibers were positively everywhere.
“During the vaginal examination, small dark colored fibers were found on JonBenet’s external labia.  Dr. Meyer (Coroner) stated that it appeared that JonBenet’s pubic area may have been cleaned, or at least wiped by someone using a towel or piece of clothing. Small dark blue fibers, consistent with a cotton towel, were recovered from the vaginal area.  A white fiber was found on her chin; dark colored hairs were found on the shoulder area of the shirt; dark blue fibers were located on the back of the right shoulder of the shirt; hairs and other trace evidence were located on her shirt underneath both her left and right arms and on the lower part of her shirt; fibers and an eyelash were located on the front of her shirt. 
The gold ring given to JonBenet by her grandmother was removed from the middle finger on the right hand, along with the bracelet given to her by Patsy. After removing the ring, more fibers were found underneath the ring, and additional fibers and trace evidence were recovered from the left hand.”

[Image: jonbenet-pageant.png?w=640]

But it was the four microscopic red fibers  found embedded in the duct tape over JonBenet’s mouth that seemed to hold investigators transfixed.  Boulder P.D. seemed confidant that these matched the red sweater that Patsy had worn to the White’s dinner party the previous night.  CellMark laboratories, who conducted the testing on the duct tape, also found brown, purple, blue, and pink cloth fibers as well as animal fur probably beaver.  (Please remember the beaver fur as you will see it referenced again in the upcoming article, part 5.)
The Ramseys had removed JonBenet’s black velvet outfit when they put her in her bed. Did investigators ever check to see if those fibers matched JonBenet’s red turtleneck pajama top?  Why would four microscopic red fibers stuck to duct tape mean more to Boulder P.D. than beaver fur found on the very same tape?   Beaver fur is far more rare and certainly more of a clue than four microscopic red fibers at Christmas time.  If anything was staged in this case, it was the investigation itself.
The missing parts can't be found - - but wish they had been preserved.

JonBenet Ramsey-Labyrinth of Lies Pt 9

[Image: jbr-geo-locator-not-alaska.png?w=275&h=844]
G. Finkes/Tlove actual location-and it ain’t Alaska

A person recently left a series of comments on Labyrinth-Part 8 of this blog. I was going to leave it be, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it needed to be addressed publicly. For those of you who have made it through parts 7 and 8, you know that there is a witness who has been struggling for twenty years to bring information forward in the brutal murder of JonBenet Ramsey.
The reason why I have decided to air this publicly is to demonstrate exactly how disinformation is constructed and planted in the public mind. This was a shameful smear tactic designed solely to undermine the credibility of the witness. I would like to remind everyone that there were no fewer than twelve people who could have stepped forward to corroborate the witness’ testimony regarding the ransom note and the role play. Not one has done so. Two of these witnesses are now deceased; Bill McReynolds of Boulder, CO and Clara Lawes of Jasper, AL.
Twelve minus two leaves ten pathetic quasi human beings who were and are willing to allow an utterly devastated, ever grieving family to take the blame in the collective  public mind for something they absolutely did not do.  We will actually subtract one more from these despicable ten, that being John Mark Karr, for making at least a half hearted attempt to exonerate the Ramseys.  He knows much more than he ever told. If you ask any of these  people why they still remain silent, no doubt most of them will tell you that they are frightened senseless.  As a reminder, Jasper AL was, and possibly still is, the murder for hire capital of the U.S.A.
The Comment (s)
September 16, 2016 from “G. Finkes” but the email address was “”:
“I stopped while traveling some time back and saw outside the fast food joint a vehicle with names and text glued to outside rear windows. A sentence said connect the dots to the murder of JB Ramsey. I took pics and an older lady spoke to me and told me this crazy story…also she claimed to be the writer not author of the infamous ransom note. In brief a group of people from Jasper, Al. Traveled in the back of an 18 wheeler truck with a VW bug also inside trailer…driver by a driver from same town to a location close to Ramsey resident unloaded vehicle then 8 or 9 people drove to the house in bug and killed the girl…left the ransom note and pad…. Etc..etc…Mary, the brains of the group told Josie (writer of note) and the other participants that this is a murder play only done for her mystery novel. Dumb people to murder a young girl thinking this is a play.I thought this is a figment of this woman’s imagination and still do. If you believe this I have a piece of Jesus’s rib for sale at a bargain piece. Call me I live in Alaska.”
The hackles on my back stood up immediately. What a profound and ridiculous oversimplification of a highly complex and sinister story. My intuitive side knew immediately that this was far more likely someone from Alabama, not Alaska.  The original role play was scheduled to take place on Christmas Day 1995. It did not take place that year.  The original role play did include a local man who owned several big rigs who was expected to drive the VW to Boulder. He did not agree to do so. It did not happen. I have spoken with him. He insists that he did not go to Boulder….not in 1995 and not in 1996.
As for the 8 or 9 people who can not possibly fit in a VW bug, this too is a contrivance of “G. Finkes”.  At least half of the role play group already lived in Boulder. They would have no need to play sardine can, would they?
I removed the post from the comment section. My mother had just been rushed to the hospital with heart failure and I was too drained to engage in debate with this individual. I awoke the next morning to this, again from “G. Finkes”,  sent only five hours after the first one:
“You deleted my post and why? Why do conspiracy writers such as you afraid of the truth? Deleting my post demonstrates the answer: your version of the truth is the only one worth considering or in this case my version stated simply and directly destroys the credibility of your witness. “
I took that one down too.  Then came this one on the 17th: This was from a “Tlove”, email address displayed as “
“I read the comment posted earlier (sadly deleted) about a group who were tricked into believing they were going to murder Jonbenet because of Mary the group leader told them it was a murder mystery play. I cannot believe a sane person would even consider this story for one reason Large lorries driving from state to state are checked with manifest and contents. People cannot ride in lorry trailers especially with a VW bug sliding around also exhaust fumes would be another hazard. I copied the comment and have emailed it to several of my mystery solving pals and they are having a field day with this funny…bloody story. Thanks for this…keep up the red nose day comedy… But sad really for the little lass to lose her life.”
I responded:
“It got deleted because (your) comment is entirely false and misconstrued. You are the same person (G. Finkes), you are not in Alaska and I will not permit your evil reconstruction of the facts to remain here. Go pedal your garbage somewhere else. Anything else you try to post here will be sent to spam”
“Tlove” came back again:
“Don’t understand your rage at all…you’re an angry person. I was reading the comment responding to that…this is your blog and supposedly you want comments or you would enable the option. Real detectives are cool and calm… write there is a forthcoming book so if both comments are crap then the information in the book will prove everyone wrong and the murder of Jonbenet will be solved. Hopeful indeed. Calm thyself… Go in peace…. John Lennon”
My response:
No rage…more like disgust mixed with a healthy dose of disrespect. You misrepresent the witness statements, know little of the very complex story, misrepresent who you are (you are both the original comment poster as well as the casual reader passing by), and you are not in Alaska. This makes you a liar and a person trying to undermine the witness testimony…the ONLY witness from at least 10-12 others who know the same and never came forward. (I have spoken to some of them).
No rage, just short on patience. Don’t waste my time. Get lost. You have now been marked as spam and any future comment you make will go automatically to spam heaven. Happy now?
I continued:
One last thing…maybe two. I am NOT a detective, never said I was. I DID say that I am working with one of the original detectives on the JBR case, but I have never been a detective. My career path was as a media buyer and negotiator handling and spending tens of millions of other people’s money. Media buyers (the successful ones) are aggressive, firm, shrewd and sharp. Sales people lie to us all the time, so we need to be able to figure out what the truth is without them. We need to know how to spot lies and liars. We need to have a tough hide because we are always being attacked by greedy station people who always want more. We have to know how to set boundaries and hold the position without yielding. We also have to know how to PROVE and DEFEND our position to our management. I am not a calm and cool person by nature nor did my profession require that of me. So allow me to summarize why you are banned from any further posts. I caught you in numerous lies. Your purpose is solely to undermine the witness. As I pointed out earlier, there are still many of the original group living. Any one of them could have done what this person has struggled to do; TELL THE TRUTH. Instead, they all cower in the pathetic shadows of their pitiful lives. The 8 or 9 people in a VW is just one example of your attempt to sandbag the witness. Many of the “role play” group ALREADY LIVED IN BOULDER. They did not need to travel there. Furthermore, I am quite sure that you never actually read my articles. I never said anything about writing a book about this. Now, where did you get that from, I wonder? Your behavior is contemptible but don’t feel bad. You certainly are not the only contemptible person out in your part of the country. Right? (And it isn’t Alaska)”
Was I rude? Yes, guilty as charged. This person thought me an idiot whom they could dupe. No sale. I was able to determine with certainty that “G. Finkes” and Tlove” were the same person and that they live in Alabama not far from my witness. Finding the email that “Tlove” employed, hoping to pull off another deception, I looked up “” which was part of their email address. Here is what Teleworm says of its own product. Anyone can see this on their home page:
“ is part of a free disposable email address service called Fake Mail Generator. This service allows anyone to create a temporary email address that is only capable of receiving email. No legitimate email will ever be sent from”….” If you receive an email from then you can be 100% confident that the email address was forged.
I welcome people to read the articles that I have diligently researched and spent countless hours writing. I also welcome comments, even those that disagree with me as long as they are constructed from sincerity. But I do not welcome people who come here with an agenda intending to impugn the witness in the JonBenet murder case. The witness has voluntarily taken a polygraph and passed and has provided me with dozens of items of evidence including fresh handwriting samples. They wrote the note, not Patsy Ramsey, not John Ramsey.  There are at least ten people, still living, evenly divided between Colorado and Alabama who can corroborate part or all of the witness’ testimony yet refuse to do so. Some of these are still actively engaging in an active campaign to pin the crime on Patsy, John and now Burke Ramsey. Steve Thomas is deliberately disingenuous as is Fleet White Jr. Perhaps they should be polygraphed.

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