FBI and BPD Bias
From Linda Arndt's deposition page 26

14 A. Well, after the FBI showed up at the house,

15 then I was told that there was the practiced note on

16 the note pad that John Ramsey had given earlier that

17 day and that the parents were involved. 
March 8, 2000 - she had this to say

25 Q. So to this day, have you formed an opinion

Page 28

1 as to whether Patsy was involved in the murder of her

2 daughter?

3 A. Yes.

4 Q. And what's that conclusion?

5 A. That John actually killed his daughter, but

6 Patsy was involved in presenting the murder as

7 something other than a murder.

8 Q. The post murder coverup, to generalize?

9 A. Well, I don't like that phrasing, but that

10 is generally how some people refer to it, yes.
From Steve Thomas book
Page 252 - Quote from DA Alex Hunter to author Larry Schiller - - "The cops became so convinced the Ramseys did it that they've never been able to look at the evidence objectively."

"Every rock must be turned over, and if that means swabbing everyone's mouth or exhuming JonBenet's body, that's what the BPD will have to do."

Thomas continued: these are his words - - "Hunter hinted that the DNA of a second person was found on the child's body, and he gave credibility to the nonexistent stun gun by saying that an exhumation might be needed for tissue analysis. 'It wasn't a fucking stun gun!' I shouted when I read the piece."

Thomas said that Hunter later "backpedaled" saying he was quoted out of context. Thomas said none of the cops believed him. Schiller insisted the quote was correct - - and I believe Schiller. Hunter had no reason to "backpedal" - he was right.

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