Fleet White should be able to sue
Posted on weBsleuths by "Anyhoo"

Quote:The story about JonBenet being asleep when the Ramsey's brought her home is a complete lie. JonBenet was dead by the time she was brought to her house from the Fleet White Jr. house and everything that suggests otherwise is a fabrication or deception. JBR was not taken to bed. What Burke said (if he actually said it) is a lie. It was important to lie about this to hide the truth of where the murder actually took place and more importantly who the murderer was.

Burke did not ask if JBR was going with us to the Whites because Burke knew JBR was dead. He knew because he was present at the White Residence when JBR was murdered.

(The poster is now listed as a "former member" - - probably because they were pointing to Fleet as wwell as the family - - and pointing to ANYONE but a Ramsey is not allowed on Tricia's forums. One of her strict rules.

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