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Bev asked : "Why was it so important to the Ramseys' story that JonBenet was asleep when they got home and was taken directly to bed? Burke said she woke up and helped carry stuff into the house. We know she had pineapple, so why lie about her being asleep? 

My RESPONSE -  Why would the Ramseys LIE about her being asleep when they got home, about John carrying her up the stairs and her staying asleep? If they HAD fed the kids when they got home - - why lie?  NO REASON.

But consider this - - wouldn't they have put out 2 bowls?  Or more?  NO, it makes more sense that Burke got out the snack in the afternoon before they went to the Whites, that JBR grabbed a few bites and that explains how it was fully past her stomach when they got home.  No way she ate the pineapple just minutes before death - - no way.

Burke told the cops the last time he remembers seeing her was in the car and she was asleep.  He had TOYS under the tree - - I doubt he paid attention to anything when they got home except his quick path to his new toys.

Bev asked - Why did Burke act so strangely that morning? Why did he pretend to be asleep, .... he didn't even ask, "is JonBenet going with us to the Whites?"

MY comment - - Burke was a small kid, scrawny.  He was not a wise guy kind of kid.  He explained that he heard his hysterical mother and he had never heard her like that before.  He didn't know what to do.  I would just say he was overwhelmed and while some people might have a panic attack, some might jump right in to try to help, and others might withdraw.    When John woke him up, he told him JonBenet was missing and they were going to find her, the police were helping. He didn't realize how dangerous the situation was and figured his Dad was taking care of everything.

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