I really don't want to pretend I understand all the DNA stuff, even after meeting with and talking to more than a few medical examiners and DNA experts.  There were a couple stains in the crotch of the panties - I don't know how many were tested or if any remains to be tested in the future.  I know some partial profiles were found, a couple mixed - - but there was ONE profile considered "golden" - GSLDPD99178617.  That is DNA totally co-mingled with JBR's blood - - not layers and not found on the material BETWEEN the blood spots.  That DNA came from the man during the time he sexually assaulted JonBenet.  

The other stuff comes up in conversations over and over - - and in the end we always go back to the fact that most of us don't understand all the nuances involved in the complicated samples - - but that "golden" sample is not complicated, it is simple and good evidence to clear or convict the man who took her life that night. 

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