M'Linda Kula
She has a very long and insane theory - spends hours making pages accusing Bill Ramsey aka Larry Rohn.  Easily dismissed - she is, IMO, insane.

A Brian Parkingson figures in her story as the owner of a Karate school where M'Linda places Bill and finds all kinds of evidence.  Recently HE, Brian, reached out to me because HE has solved this, Rohn did it - and his stories are as "off" as hers were/are.    I have responded to him on FaceBook and not been kind - I feel like I am poking a bull but hope he will decide to give up on his attack - we don't need more garbage on the forums.

Interesting, another poster joined in and he responded with an attack on M'Linda which I will share here.

Brian Parkinson Mll Idigal Simpson . M'LINDA KULA and I are no longer Friends! My Work is Factual! I just posted Factual Evidence! You're Obviously a Shill trying to make sure The Paid Rat Snitch Informant Undercover Operative For The FBI and Other CRIMINAL JUSTICE Agencies gets off the hook! You don't intentionally don't know Evidence and Facts when You see them! I personally don't believe M'LINDA KULA'S BROTHER killed her parents. And don't want anything to do with that case! Furthermore. M'LINDA KULA and I are no longer Friends at her Choosing because I tipped off a Guy from a Radio Show she did, that she Fabricated Stories about things that never happened at my Parkinson's Bay Karate' School! And was using my Factual Investigative Work, and claiming it was hers! She Unfriended and Blocked me days later! You're Obviously A Shill!
Mll Idigal Simpson Brian Parkinson I'm
Not a shill. I just know the case inside and out. You have zero evidence. Crazy theory.
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Brian Parkinson Mll Idigal Simpson . You're a DIS-GRACE! You don't know JACK S. about the case! BILL RAMSEY AKA LARRY ROHN'S sign up sheet is Evidence! Along with his own words about The NOOSE he intentionally drew in his signature. That shows his Premeditation of his Future Intended Crime! I see you Slandered Defamed and Maliciously Gossiped About Me on Your Bogus "Boulder Colorado Cold Cases" site. To repeatedly call me a Liar and Insinuate that I'm Crazy without any facts is a Pretty Bad Civil Violation! My Counter Terror Criminal Espionage Work has put Hundreds Upon Hundreds of CRIMINALS and Al Qaida TERRORISTS behind bars! JOHN RAMSEY'S Attorney, L. LIN WOOD has sued many a person for Slander, Defamation of Character, and Malicious Gossiping! You ought to take notice of that! I'm a Private Federal LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER in my Full Time Job, and also, before JON BENET'S murder worked as a Private Agent with THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE, where due to my work. Over 200 Drug Pushers and Users were arrested! A large number were DIRTY CRIMINAL JUSTICE Operatives! COPS! I know THE JON BENET PATRICIA RAMSEY murder case better than anyone. And having tried to prevent her murder, knew the evening of December 26th, 1996 when I saw the news in West Creek, New Jersey that BILL RAMSEY didn't collect his $ 118,000.00 inheritance he claimed The RAMSEY Family owed him. He committed a COWARDLY MURDER with a poor, defenseless little 6 year old girl who couldn't defend herself! You should be ashamed of yourself for Slandering, Defaming, and Maliciously Gossiping about me, when in sincerity, I've never given up for The Decedent's Sake! But people like you have No Shame, even when it's Uncovered and Exposed before All Of Humanity!

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