Hair, unsourced, noted.

The prints on the door REMAIN unsourced - these guys say they belonged to family and that is NOT TRUE. False statements by police sources created problems here -
The Hi-Tec boots - there is NO evidence the Ramseys ever bought Hi-Tec boots for Burke. The cops looked for evidence of a sale - found none They looked for the boots in the house - none there. They looked at the photos - - a lot of photos - - none seen. The Ramseys denied owning any. But the Hi-Tec print can't be denied, sothe BORG myth keeps getting repeated. The images are out there for all of us to look at - - saying the boots were new is misleading - - not enough of the print there to say that. Yes, the logo is clear, but they don't have to be new.

Fibers - The police were never told not to ask the Ramseys to answer questions or to turn over their clothes - - that is 100% the fault of the cops who didn't know how to conduct this investigation.

I don't know if the red fibers are from Patsy's jacket - - may well be and why not? But I do know there were a lot of other fibers found on her body, in her hands, and in her bed, that remain unsourced.
Patsy said she had REDRESSED in the black pants and red sweater on the morning of the 26th. Fibers on JBR could be from the afternoon of the 25th OR from the morning of the 26th.
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Agree that the duct tape was put on her mouth AFTER she was unconscious and dying or dead.

The men think John would not have been able to see the body when he opened the door - - but the fact is, he opened the door, turned on the light and found the body. Fleet didn't know where the switch was and never turned on the light.

The DNA co-mingled with her blood in her panties - and that later found on the long johns - was later, with more advanced science, entred into CODIS and could certainly identify the identity of the man who sexually assaulted her and most likely murdered her.

The fact that the DNA did not match the family is good evidence of an intruder
OH NO! They say anyone trying to investigate the RAMSEYS were fired - not true. Thomas and all the others who have YET (in 2020) to solve this because they refused to investigate the intruder suspects are STILL in charge of the investigation. On the other hand, Hofstrum, DeMuth, Smit... they were removed from the case.

DA Mary Lacy had access to more evidence than any of us, she CLEARED the family and apologized for the witch hunt. Did she want LE and the media to stop hounding and harassing them ? Yes, because it was the right thing to do.

The Grand Jury DID vote to indict the parents on minor charges - not murder or manslaughter. The DA is legally obligated to bring a case against a person ONLY IF they feel they can get a conviction. In this case, we have Steve Thomas and others claiming the key witness was Don Foster, Vassar professor, Linguistics expert, charlatan, liar and discredited absolutely. The DA - Alex Hunter - did the right thing.

Said there were books in the house that had to do with children having violent tendenceis? Rumor, not listed on any police documents I have seen - - and I have seen more than most. Using common sense, if there was evidence tht Burke was a violent child, someone woud have come forward in the past 23 years with proof of that. Never happened.
They are clearly BORG - - and all the conclusions are bent that way.

The family did release Burke's medical records very early on. Requests for medical records that were from AFTER the murder were denied - - the Ramseys wanted to protect Burke's privacy and it seemed anything given to the BPD was twisted and leaked.

They have her being sexually assaulted before the night of the murder and there was no evidence of that. Not physical or emotional as noted by the doctor, family, friends, teachers, anyone.

No evidence of dictionary opened and paper pointing to incest - - that is BORG myth.

I would ask the narrators - - how many alcoholics do you think keep a dictionary opened to that word - page folded to point to that word?

Really a rhetorical question - - that dictionary story is just wrong.

On to stun gun - - pressed into the body, there would be no noise. If she was being pressed into her bedding by an adult, she would not have been able to fight back.

They are right - the family did not own a stun gun - - but they are not talking about the stun gun expert who will swear, in court, that it WAS a stun gun. Instead they talk about Kolar and his theory that if you remove the center prong of a train track rail, the marks fit. But they don't as the stun gun marks are not bruises or caused by pressure during livor mortis. Those were electrical burns caused by an Air Taser, according to Lou and those who did experiments on pigs.
I keep pausing and going back, missed a couple things, I am sure.

One statement made is that almost all the intruder evidence has been debunked. I will just say having tabloids print something, or having a liar or false expert who is being paid for anti-Ramsey reports having it reposted three times on the Internet does NOT make it fact.

The intruder evidence is still there, still real and still important.
They claim that Patsy bought something with a price of $2.29 at the local hardware store. I have no doubt she did. But then they claim that the ONLY item in the store (McGuffin's) that was priced $2.29 was the nylon cord. NOT TRUE, There is no evidence Patsy bought that kind of cord, or any cord. None was found in the house.

These guys are wearing BORG filtered glasses - - they try to make the case against the parents but it is just theory, not supported by the evidence.

In the end they are BDI with the parents covering up for him.

They do not explain the exculpatory evidence or show any evidence supporting their theory.

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