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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WESH) – The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is following a tip in the search of missing woman Jennifer Kesse.
The new tip from a Kesse family investigator brought law enforcement to a lake in West Orange County.
Kesse has been missing since January of 2006. According to police Keese left her condo near the Mall at Millenia and headed for work. Investigators still don’t know what happened to her.
Kesse graduated from Gaither High School in Tampa.
This is a developing story stick with WFLA for updates.
For Information leading to Jennifer Kesse’s Whereabouts Kesse Family Tip Line 941-201-4009
December 17th, 2019
January 24,2020 will mark 14 years since Jennifer Kesse was last seen in or around her home in Orlando Florida. We love you and miss you Jennifer and are working hard to find you.
We, The Kesse Family, wish to reach out this Holiday Season to wish all of you who visit Jennifer’s social media a safe and joyous Holiday. We hope you make many memories. We are incredibly thankful for the support so many of you have given Jennifer and this Family over the past almost 14 years since Jennifer was Taken from us. Without that continued support we would not be able to continue the fight in trying to find her! We know that it is the public that in most cases solves or helps Missing people be found. We’ve seen it time after time again with long term Missing persons cases. So we ask for your continued vigilance in helping our efforts to Bring Jennifer Home.
We finished taping a few shows on Jennifer’s case and we will share the details of them as they are confirmed with us. We recently finished a special for Oxygen Channel’s “Up and Vanished” which will be broadcast the first week of February 2020. We also just finished taping a show with Dr. Oz in NYC and that is tentatively set to air January 28, 2020. WE are Grateful for the awareness these shows will bring and others we are currently working on and don’t have dates as yet.
We have now had time to digest most of the Files given to us by Orlando Police Department though we are still not through the process of gaining the entire file of Jennifer’s. We hope that will be finalized soon and we can move on from this legal matter. It has taken 9 months so far to try and finalize the file transfer in which our agreement allowed for 4, so we are again patient in our efforts to find Jennifer. That being said we have been extremely busy on the Investigative front. In November we did have the need to ask the Orange county Sheriff’s office to dive in a lake just outside of Orlando based on a vetted tip which came to us 13 years after Jennifer was Taken. Unfortunately the 3 dives conducted yielded no evidence. It is just the start of our active investigation which we are now acting on developments and leads we have been working for about 2 years. The files serve as good reference in the leads we have cultivated and will continue to be utilized as needed working on the investigation we have created before receiving most of them.
It is important to know that there is NO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY responsible for looking for Jennifer Kesse at this moment. So it is us, Jennifer’s Family, who are the only people responsible for finding Jennifer. So we desperately need the public’s help. Please utilize any and all social media private messaging to contact our investigative team. It’s easy and safe and we do see everything that comes through. Contact a lawyer with your information to get to us or clergy or media directly. Your identity does not have to be known, information is key. Our tipline directly is 941-201-4009.
We also need help financially for our investigation to move forward in a productive timely manner. Please visit, Under “Help us Find Jennifer Kesse” for any size donation you may be able to afford. Any and all funds go directly to the investigation.
Happy Holidays and thank you for Caring,
Drew, Joyce, Logan & Katie Kesse

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